A #MamiaDaysOut Day Out with Aldi [AD]

Last week, we were sent a hamper by the folks at Aldi as part of their #MamiaDaysOut challenge to use their products whilst on a day out.

We’ve always liked Aldi; their nappies being the best we’ve used (well, that T has used), so we were keen to try their kids food. 

We’ve never done any form of puree, only baby-led weaning, so when part of the hamper contained purees we were curious as to how we could get involved.

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll see I’m quite a fan of baking and making a lot of meals from scratch, so I decided for our day out that I would use some of the items in T’s baking as well – setting us up for the day. 


Pancakes with Strawberries. 


1 Purée pouch (we chose bananas and apples), one egg, 2tbsp of plain flour (or enough until you create a thickish batter), 1/2 tsp of baking powder. 

Heat a pancake pan on a medium-low heat and dollop 3-4 pancakes onto the pan. Cook until holes form in the batter and then flip. Cook for a further minute. 


Cheese and Cucumber Sandwiches with veggies, fruit, and an apple and pear pot with yoghurt. 


Grilled Chicken with Carrot and Parsnip mash, and corn.

Recipe for mash:

Boil and mash 2-3 medium potatoes and mix in 1/2 the purée pouch to replace any milk/butter. 


Frozen Apple and Strawberry popsicle.


Mini Rice cakes and homemade oat, fruit and nut bars. 

Other ideas include; Fruit Purée on toast or a dip for apples, pineapples or banana pieces. 

All in all, I found using Aldi’s new range a success, with the pouches going quite far in a recipe. I also liked how tasty they are on their own and could easily have one myself as a snack or mixer with yoghurt. 

We still have a few in the cupboard, so pop over to our Instagram to see how we use them over the next few months. 


This post is an entry for Britmums #MamiaDaysOut Linky. We were sent the above products for the challenge and to review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Weaning: Top Places to Eat with Babies

One of the main reasons we chose to do baby-led weaning was so that I wouldn’t have to prepare separate meals, especially when we go out. There’s no way would I remember to get something out the freezer that morning or night before, let alone find a place where I can heat it up and then feed T – all whilst eating my own meal! Plus, the sound of T enjoying the same food as us (spice and all), sounded much more appetising.


Over the past year we’ve been to our fair share of cafes and restaurants, and most of the time T’s awake during a mealtime, so we have to share. Long gone are the days where he would be happy with a spoon toy. He wants food.

So with this in mind, I thought I’d share our top places to eat with little ones. I’ve based this list on their menu, as well as how pro baby they are (you’ll know when they’re not, going by what facilities they have available, whether Highchairs actually fit their tables, or if the floor is a little too clean (the sure sign that a baby hasn’t visited recently!)).

Of course I’m going to make a mess.

A carvery – Regardless of what Carvery is near you, you should find that they’re pretty family friendly. Because of their buffet style dining, you can pick the perfect amount for little one’s plates.

Wagamamas – By far my favourite place for T to eat. Not only because of taste, but because it’s relatively healthy (and cheap!). I like how their menu doesn’t stray far from the adult menu apart from the portion. I also LOVE how they use Mountain Buggy pod highchairs as their choice of highchair. When we went last week, the atmosphere was so relaxed even after T had made a mess.

Bills – One of my favourite places for brunch, they were a haven when I started breastfeeding T. I felt so comfortable feeding him there, and the waiting staff are so kind and didn’t bat an eyelid when clearing the table. Plus, the food is fabulous.

Pizza Hut – Cheap and cheerful, with so many options to choose from. Whilst S and I can be a bit naughty, we still have the option to give T something healthy from the salad bar.

A few for the locals…

Iydea, Brighton – A lovely little vegetarian cafe based in the heart of Brighton. Ideya serves wholesome food at a decent price and is, again, really healthy (if you want it to be). What I love most about Ideya is the amount of choice available.

Riverside Cafe, Lewes – part of an old warehouse, the riverside building not only contains a cute little cafe, but also a barbers, fish monger, and a butchers. We went there a few weekends ago and had homemade sausage rolls with coffee. It was lovely and reminded me why I love eating locally.

credit: https://wednesdaysinthecountry.wordpress.com

Shoreham Airport (Hummingbird Cafe), Shoreham – Bit of an odd one, I know, but we found this place on a whim when we were desperate to find a place for breakfast. Although the menu is quite small, there is a lovely selection of food available, from cereal to pastries, to a full English. Plus, it’s next to a runway!

So there are our favourite places to eat, but we’re always on the look out for new places. Any recommendations? Where do you like to go when eating out?