Who We Follow

Here is an ever-growing list of blogs we love and follow from across the globe…

LGBT Blogs

My Two Mums is a blog about the many adventures of being (gay) parents.

2aussiemammas follows a lesbian couple in NSW Australia on their baby making adventure.

Becoming Mums is one couples journey to parenthood.

Meet The Wildes is a beautiful blog about Amber and her wife Kirsty and their two sets of stunning twins.

Little Lesbian Baby Blog is journey of making babies without boys.

Mondays with Mac is Gay Fairytale for the Digital Age.

Gaybymama. Pregnancy. Motherhood. DIY. Softball. And a whole lotta love.

Lesbian Mum to be is a blog about two wives and their journey into parenthood.

Just a normal mummy is a blog for every mum who’s got lyrically creative with a nursery rhyme, timed large G&Ts in between breast feeds and frequently left ‘that’ nappy for when the husband gets home from work.

Beginning from the start is a blog about two women who are .5 of a same-sex couple figuring out how to make a baby.

Pepibebe is a journey of two Mamas, part Maori (indigenous) and part Pakeha (white New Zealander) conceiving, giving birth & bringing up their babies in a modern yet old fashioned way.

The Gayby Project is a blog about two funky lesbians making the next generation of fabulous.

Lesbian Family is a site dedicated to connect Lesbian families.

Two and a Half Women is a really cool blog about two ladies with hand made illustrations.

2momstobe is a gorgeous blog about two mommies and their beautiful children. A really sweet blog.

Two Geek Moms is a blog about two geeky moms and their gorgeous (geeky) son.

We Forgot The Sperm is a very thorough blog by two UK ladies and their Eden, writing about current LGBT issues and raising a Disney princess.

Keeping Up With The Joneses is a gorgeous blog about two ladies and their son Jaxson.

Hound Mamas is a blog about two moms from the US, a baby-now-toddler, and one gorgeous basset hound. We love these guys!

Outside the LGBT Community

Write Like No One’s Watching is a gorgeous blog about a working mummy of two and everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) in between.

Toby Goes Bananas is a wonderful blog written by Sarah who takes the most wonderful photos of her sons Toby and Gabriel. I love their style and what they get up to!

Hi Baby Blog is a blog created by Hannah from Northern Ireland about her life with her boyfriend Matt and her gorgeous daughter Luisa. This gal rocks in so many ways and Luisa slays me daily with her antics.

Budding Smiles is another blog by another Hannah (!) and is about their life with their son Toby and daughter Martha. Hannah is so honest with everything she writes and is someone I call a genuine friend. Nothing is off the table; from PND to Breastfeeding.

The Unmumsy Mum – I think I’m one of a bazillion followers of ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ but there’s a reason I’m one of a bazillion. Sarah is honest about parenthood but gives a lovely balance of the good and the bad sides of parenting. Parenting is hard sometimes (a lot) but it’s actually fun as well.

The Dads…

Ironically, we have an obsession with dad bloggers. So much so that we’d like to dedicate a list to a couple of dad blogs that we enjoy.

The Dadventurer – Follow the adventures of Dave, his daughter, and their dog Dax. There may be the occasional poo and willy joke.

The Dad Network – Al and his beautiful son Teddy became rather famous after a certain picture of them went viral. Follow their story here.

Papa Tont – Tony writes about his life and his family from the perspective of a father, soldier, and all round good guy. We really love this blog.

Man Vs Pink – Simon is a stay-at-home dad and writes about life with his daughter and the constant battle with gender stereotypes.

Unlikely Dad – Tom and his husband Daniel are fathers to their beautiful adopted son and write about life as fathers.

The Locals

It wouldn’t be right without mentioning a few Brighton (and surround) bloggers…

Belle Du Brighton – I’m lucky enough to call ‘my blogging friend Lauren’ my ‘actual friend Lauren’. I love following Belle Du Brighton, not only for the local posts, but because her handsome son Arlo is the same age as T, and her daughter Athena is absolutely hilarious.

Fizzy Peaches – Starting off as a blog I followed for the love of Brighton lifestyle, it quickly became apparent that Lyndsey and her wife were trying for a baby! One of my favourite blogs now because it mixes my love of Brighton and the fact that I can add another rainbow family to my reading list.

Chelle McCann – Chelle is another ‘real world’ friend and I’m often sat in her lounge whilst our boys run wild. This blog is a wonderful mix of self care and positive love, to posts about local places to see and do.

Our Seaside Baby is not just a Brighton blog, although Polly does live in Brighton, it’s also a wonderful family travel blog with gorgeous photos to accompany their adventures. I can really escape reading this blog.

6 thoughts on “Who We Follow

  1. wifewifebaby says:

    Hello! My wife and I are new to the blogging world and I have loved getting some inspiration from your blog. You have a beautiful family and great blog!

    It would be awesome if you would check out our blog https://wifewifebaby.com/


    • Kate Everall says:

      Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. We’re always looking for new blogs to follow so we’ll be sure to check you guys out. Thanks for reading, it’s really appreciated.

  2. lezmingler says:

    I’m so thrilled I found you! I love your graphics, friendly and helpful tips to encourage reading, (the advent book post) and how personable you are. I’m just starting a new blog that segues away from my old one, with focus on a blended lesbian family, called “Lez MIngle” I look forward to following your adventures, and thank you for putting your story out there. It’s desperately needed and visibility much appreciated. Mahalo!

    • Kate Everall says:

      Hi! Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment. I’ll pop over and have a look at your blog – it’s always lovely finding new rainbow families! x

  3. Adaire says:

    Well, as you can imagine… “Lez Mingle” sounded too much like a Lesbian hook up site, rather than a family blog. We had to change our name, and it was early on, so that helps. New one is The Road Lez Traveled. Live and Learn right?

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