Packing For A Holiday Abroad: 8 Things You Mustn’t Forget

There’s a lot to pack when going abroad. Some items can be easily replaced once you’re out there, whilst others may not be so easy to replace. Forgetting certain items could even prevent you from leaving the country.

Here are just a few of the items you mustn’t forget when packing.


Without a passport, you won’t get very far – you’ll likely be unable to board the plane/ferry. A passport is required when travelling to any country abroad. If you haven’t got one, you’ll need to apply for one several months before travelling (there are fast track services that can take a couple weeks if you’re willing to pay a little extra).

Travel documents

It’s also important to bring other travel documents as proof of purchase. Whilst most information will be stored digitally, having paper backups can be handy in case there are complications such as a power cut or admin errors. A few travel documents to consider include flight/ferry tickets, accommodation booking information, visa receipt, travel insurance information and possibly receipts for transfer vehicles or a hire car.


You also need access to money. Consider buying some foreign cash to bring with you or put some foreign currency onto a preloaded card. You could just use your debit/credit card, but you’ll have to pay transfer fees on every purchase.


Certain medication may be vital to your wellbeing. This may include prescription medication or vaccine medication such as malaria tablets. A first aid kit is also worth bringing along with a few items like painkillers and travel sickness pills.


Make sure that you’ve also got gear to go swimming in. If your kids are coming, make sure that you’ve bought swim clothing for them such as girls swimwear. If you’ve been spending several weeks choosing a swimsuit for yourself, you also don’t want to forget this, as you unlikely won’t be able to find the same suit abroad.

Sun lotion

If you’re susceptible to sunburn, sun lotion is something you don’t want to forget either. Whilst you can buy this in most countries, some countries may not have higher factors (which you may need if you have fairer skin).


Chargers are likely to be needed to keep your phone and other electronic devices powered up. These may not always be easy to shop for. Don’t make the common mistake of leaving your phone charger plugged into the wall by your bedside – do a last minute check before you leave.

Plug adaptors

A lot of countries have different plug sockets. To use these sockets you’ll need a plug adaptor. This isn’t something you may struggle to find when abroad, so try to buy this before you travel.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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