Top 5 Things to do in Liverpool


As a southerner, I don’t often travel further ‘North’ than the M25 (I’ll get a nosebleed otherwise). Last year, our holiday to the Lake District was the furthest North I’ve ever been, and you know what, it was great and opened up a new door for us when it came to holidays. The drive wasn’t that bad from the South and everything was noticeably cheaper!

After that initial nosebleed, I then took myself off to Manchester for the BlogOn conference a few weekends ago as it was only a mere 4 hours from Brighton, and as the journey to the Lakes was 6-7 hours I thought why not!? I had a fab time in the North (anyone else can’t help but say that in a ‘John Snow’ accent?) so I decided to have a look at what was nearby to make the most out of my time up there.

Looking on the map I saw that Liverpool wasn’t actually that far from me (under an hour in fact), so the morning after the conference I decided to pop along the M62 and visit Liverpool – albeit briefly. Although I didn’t get to stay there long, I did notice several hot spots that have been added to my list for when we return to The North .

Here are my Top 5 picks of fun activities in Liverpool so far…

The Beatles Tour

Located at the historic Albert Dock, The Beatles Story is a museum dedicated to one of the most famous bands in the world. Obviously if you’re not a fan then this isn’t for you, but for me, as someone who appreciated The Beatles, it’s likely that I would still find this interesting – even looking at it from a history of British Music perspective.

Looking on GroupOn when I got home, I saw there were a number of discounts for this specific tour! There was also the opportunity to visit John Lennon’s childhood home as well.

Mersey River Explorer

Probably one of the most colourful boats I have ever seen, the ferry cruise across the Mersey River takes you on a tour of iconic buildings and landmarks in the area.

What’s great about the tour is that you’re welcome to purchase a hop-on-hop-off ticket so you can visit the famous landmarks as well as view them from the river. Once you’re finished, you can then jump back on any of the hourly departures and continue your tour.

If land is more your cup of tea, then there are also a number of tour buses dotted around at various landmarks. Again, I saw quite a few discounts on placed like GroupOn.

Museums & Galleries.

Driving around the city, I quickly spotted a number of signs for various museums and galleries. From the Museum of Liverpool to the Tate Liverpool, I was blown away at what was on offer. The one that captured me the most, however, was the World Museum, which seem to be the home of History and Science!

Country Parks.

Despite Liverpool being a very built up area, I noticed a few leaflets for various Country Parks. The more popular one seemed to be Sefton Park, but I also liked the look of Wirral Country Park and Stanley Park.

Surprisingly, there were also signs and posters for the Beach! Southport Beach didn’t look too far away and would certainly break up a weekend if you were in the city.


Being a built up city, there is a plethora of shopping outlets available in Liverpool, but what did come as a surprise was the amount of little independent shops available as well. I very much thought it would be an extension of London where shops are as big as the names.

Here is where I grabbed a coffee and had a little mooch before making my way home. This is where I also went statue spotting! What’s that all about? There’s honestly loads of them dotted around as well as tours dedicated to them!

So that’s my very brief round up of what I saw in Liverpool during my incredibly short visit. Although I didn’t get time to really stop and have a proper look around, I got a good idea of the things we might like to do. Liverpool is certainly worth dedicating some time to the next time you’re in the north of the country!

Have you been to Liverpool? What would you recommend visiting? What’s with all the statues?


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