Dreaming of Oversea Travel [AD]


T has always been a good traveller whenever we’ve gone on holiday. Regardless of distance, he’s generally happy to entertain himself by chatting to us about what’s going on outside, what we’re doing (a dozen times over) and where we’re going. When things get a bit dull or he doesn’t fancy sleeping, he’s also happy just chilling out on Hopster.

Seeing as he’s never been any trouble travelling, we’re really starting to think about going abroad – especially as he starts school next year (eek!) when travelling is likely to become more costly!

Although an airplane is very different to the comfort of your car – I think T would really enjoy being on a plane and up in the sky; looking at the clouds, not to mention having more room when it comes to his seat.

One of our main missions this year is to get T a passport so we can explore further afield. We want him to visit new places and see new things. Although we do regret not taking him travelling when he was younger, at an age where I could just stick him on the boob if he got tetchy during the flight, I actually prefer the thought of being able to interact with him and ask him questions about the country we’re in and the new foods we’re eating.

The thought of him running around the Colosseum or a canal in Amsterdam excites me.

It’s likely that when we do start travelling we would start our adventures more locally in Europe and then expand to more exotic places like Asia, America, and Canada. Holidays from your local airport is also more appealing, so finding places to travel from Gatwick, our local airport, is certainly more attractive than a flight AFTER an hour’s drive or train to Heathrow.

For us, we would love to visit the main famous cities first so we can say we’ve seen them in the flesh. Places like Paris, Berlin, and Rome are in our Top 10, but we’d also like to specifically visit the Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway as we love their lifestyle, their parenting ethos, and furniture!

Sharon is very lucky in the fact that she gets to travel as part of her job. Over the past three years she’s been to New York, Hong Kong twice, Vancouver, and Frankfurt THREE times! As expected, I’ve always been jealous of this as I would love to travel but have never had the opportunity to, whereas Sharon wouldn’t be that bothered if she never saw certain countries! Therefore, I want to make sure that by the time T reaches the age that I am now he’s had several passports filled several times over!

Where would you like to travel to? Make me jealous and tell me about your oversea family holidays!

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