Winter Walks

At the start of a new season, I always tell myself that the season we’re in is my favourite season. In the spring, it’s the blossom on the trees and the freshness in the air, in the summer it’s the warmth on my skin, BBQ’s, and the smell of sun tan lotion, in the autumn it’s the autumn leaves and soup-worthy vegetables, and in the winter it’s the thick jumpers and coats.

For me, there’s something wonderful about each season – although Winter soon goes to the bottom of my list when I see the first coating of snow start to appear.

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New Shoes. 

It felt like only yesterday that we were buying T’s first pair of shoes. 

We went to a popular high street shoe shop and after his fitting we were told that T has wide feet and a high instep. This boy was going to cost us a fortune. 

Thankfully, we didn’t need to go back after the recommended 4-6 weeks, T remained the same size and we were able to keep these lovely pair of shoes. 

Like with any ‘first’, his first pair of shoes were special. They saw him master the technique of walking. They took him to lots of new places. Farms, The Woods, Forts, even his second Pride

For us, it was the start of his transition into toddlerhood.

T adored his shoes and often took them wherever he went, although he also enjoyed throwing them around the car and into the dog’s water bowl. 

As expected, these little pumps will stay with us for eternity – unwashed and with the remnants of his last walk on them. They even have perfect little toe indents inside. 

And so on to the next pair. Where will they take him? Nobody knows. 


We Have Steps!!

It was a warm sunny afternoon, on a rare weekend where both Sharon and I were together. We’d just had dinner and decided to let things digest before bath time by having bit of a play in the lounge.

Suddenly, this happens…

First Steps

STEPS! Actual, on-his-own-nothing-is-getting-in-his-way, steps.

As you can tell by the screaming, we were over the moon. T was pretty chuffed with himself as well. We must have spent the next 45 minutes watching T go back and forth between us, throwing himself onto us and giggling as soon as he got to us. It was fantastic. There may have been tears (on my part) and we were definitely late for bedtime.

Shake your head if you will, but I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. I’ve been looking forward to the (independent) walks in the woods and the museum, the ball games in the park, the chasing. I know there will be time when I will say; “just sit still!” but the fun stuff will simply outweigh those times.

T’s not always been the greatest mover, with crawling only really happening a few months ago, but he’s always had strong legs and has enjoyed cruising round furniture. I think he’s just been too lazy to give it a go; but I’m so glad he finally has. He seems to enjoy the independence as everything seems more accessible to him. The lounge is now an obstacle course with hidden toys gems along the way.

At the moment, we’re still at the cautious stage with T looking around before he pushes off to go for a walk. He happily comes to me when I ask, and he’ll gladly walk to nursery whilst holding my hand.


I don’t think he’s far from going for a bimble round the garden, but we’re quite away from walking to the shops and back, which I’m totally cool about right now.



Days Out – Sheffield Park & Gardens, East Sussex {National Trust}

As S worked from home for the day again, I decided to make use of our National Trust membership and visit anther local attraction. This time, I took myself and T off to Sheffield Park and Gardens near Uckfield.

Sheffield park is a huge historic park back dating back past WW1. It’s had many uses over the years but it now rests as a horticultural work of art with waterfalls and several pieces of landscape design placed throughout the area.

The trees really run wild here; with elm tree’s and humungus conifers and pine trees towering over me. Water also has no limitation with gigantic lakes appearing round every corner housing ducks, geese, and the occasional gull. It really is a stunning place to visit.

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What I also found interesting was that every bench dotted around had a box attached, and in that box contained a small booklet detailing the plant life you could see around you at that particular location. This will definitely be something we’ll introduce T to, not to mention a bug catcher!

This has been, by far, my favourite location. I spent nearly a whole day here just admiring the natural beauty of the location, not to mention planning further trips when T is crawling and walking. There was a wonderful choice when it came to views to feed T in front of (I’m pretty sure the view made his rice cracker taste even yummier). The majority of the paths are flat (gain, buggy friendly) and there’s a nice variety of grassland that disappears into hidden trails if you’re dog walking. I would also certainly have a picnic here.