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Our 2021

It’s that time again; our round-up of the past 12 months. I always enjoy writing these posts – even the ones covering a global pandemic like we did in 2020 – as these posts are for us. Their aim is to record some of our highlights and milestones so that one day, when we feel

Milestones: Sixth Year Update!

I genuinely didn’t think I’d be writing another birthday update within a national lockdown, during a global pandemic, but here we are! T is Six! Our boy is 6! The past year has sort of been a bitter-sweet experience for us. Whilst T’s spent another year not being able to do some of the things

Our 2020

Where do you even begin to start talking about 2020. Before a GLOBAL PANDEMIC? During? Or on the other side (when we eventually reach it). When every week became a year, when the hours dragged but the months flew, how can you possibly summarise a year like this one? If 2020 was a film, I’m

Milestones: Fifth Year Update!

This post is probably going to be a bit different to our usual yearly update as I’m writing this during a time of complete uncertainty. I would have liked to have written this post during a less turbulent time, when birthdays and Easters aren’t delayed, schools aren’t closed, and the sunshine can be properly enjoyed

Milestones: Four Year Update

Here we are again, in what feels like a flash of light, recapping on the past twelve months. I’m very aware that I say this every year, but I can’t believe how quickly time is flying. I think this year has been the most prominent, not only because he’s changed significantly this year, but we’ve

Our 2018

As years go, this year has probably been the most emotionally draining year. It’s also been even busier what with us entering the home stretch to the world of school. I thought last year was a busy one, but as T is getting older the years seem to be passing us at the same rate