Enjoying Our Garden with HTI Toys ‘Fun Sport’ Range (Review) [AD]

Whilst we love going out and about, visiting new places, and seeing new things, we also love spending time at home in our garden. Before T came along, Sharon and I often used to spend afternoons and weekends soaking up the sun with a book, eating our dinner outside, or simply sat round a fire-pit in the evening, and whilst we still do most of these things – our fire pit has recently turned into a swing ball set and ‘soaking up the sun’ is more like sweeping up excess sand from the sandpit!

It’s not the biggest of gardens, and grass comes at a premium due to having a raised lawn, but it’s our garden and we’re almost at a point where we don’t need to do much to it. It’s our little green haven and is a perfect spot for T to let off steam when we can’t go out – even in the winter!

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Fun with Sri Toys (Review) [AD]

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that I often post mini frustrations with the amount of plastic we’ve purchased T over the past two years. Mainly a particular brand that rhymes with hoot hoot. Don’t get me wrong, it has it’s uses, and the toddler enjoys playing with it – but more often than not I spend more time building it with for him than T spends actually playing with it.

And don’t get me started on the vehicles that will drive you mad quicker than you can say hoot hoot.

I much prefer wooden toys – although I understand from a toddler’s point of view that the addition of flashing lights and annoying sounds is more appealing, although T does still enjoy playing make believe but he has to be in the right mood. I like wooden toys simply because they last longer and look (and smell!) a lot nicer.

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Playtime with Wicked Uncle (Review) [AD]

Just when we think T has enough toys we suddenly realise he doesn’t. It’s not the physical number that isn’t enough, it’s the sheer speed of T’s evolving brain that it seems we can’t keep up with, meaning his current collection of toys often get shoved to the bottom of the basket or completed within seconds.

Sure, we’ve evolved some of his toys into new learning tools (stacking rings are now ways we can identify colours, for example) or rotated his toys so that after a few weeks his old toys get forgotten ready for a refresh a few weeks later, but even after all that there are still a few toys that just aren’t pushing the toddler buttons.

In addition to this, we have also found that despite forking out a far bit of cash some toys just aren’t as hardwearing as had hoped. So when Wicked Uncle invited T to test out a few of their toys we were over the moon and gleefully agreed. Continue reading

Gummee Glove: Review

T loves putting things in his mouth. His hands, his toys, my hands, the TV remote. Anything he can get his hands on. He even gives the dog’s toys a good go. The trouble with T being in control with what goes in his mouth though is that he often has a habit of dropping things as well! This is not the case with the Gummee Glove.



The great thing about the Gummee Glove is that once it’s placed and fastened onto their hand it doesn’t come off, although it’s versatile enough to be used as an all round teething tool if they don’t want to wear it. T particularly likes putting tough fabric like canvas in his mouth!


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GumiGem Bubba Bag Teething Toys – Review

We saw the first signs of teething at around 3 months. T was dribbling a lot more and seemed grumpier in the evenings, but for no reason. He’d be moaning but not a typical cry. We didn’t see any rosy cheeks and his temperature didn’t change. It wasn’t until he chomped down on S’s finger one night that we realised his bottom two teeth had popped through.

Thankfully, we had a few teething rings ready for when the moment came, but annoyingly T didn’t take to them. We also had a sofie giraffe which was better, but he couldn’t always get his mouth in the right position for comfort and would then get frustrated.

So when the lovely guys from GumiGem offered us their bubba bag, a collection of silicone teething toys in the shape of tools, we were over the moon.


Although T’s coordination isn’t up to scratch yet, he’s constantly trying to put things in this mouth and is most happy when he’s succeeded.

The good thing about these teething toys is that they’re small and the right size for little fingers and hands. I really like how the silicone is really soft but not too soft that teeth will go through it. I find a lot of teething toys are sometimes quite hard which isn’t always very comforting.


The finishing touch is the cute little bag the tools come in. It’s made from a neoprene material so it’s waterproof – perfect for those dribble covered toys!

As I write, T now has his top two teeth popping through so these toys have come at the perfect time. The hammer is his particular favourite.

The bubba bag retails at under £20. You can find the teething toys and other teething items, including necklaces, at GumiGem’s website.

We were given the bubba bag for the purpose of this review. All opinions, however, are our own. 

Reminiscing With Toys

I was in T’s room the other day, putting his clothes away, and I noticed that his toy drawer was open. After realising that the wife had probably had her own play session and forgotten to shut the draw, I looked inside.

Soft toys, hard toys, toys that play music, toys that react to movement. Bath toys, pram toys, garden toys. We’ve got quite a few already.

My favourite toys, however, aren’t the fancy toys that can tell you your blood type by the way you call it’s name – it’s the toys that I used to play with as a child. Not the actual toys – they’re probably in my mums loft, still covered in spit and god-knows what, but the toys that have never stopped being good.

Here are a few of my favourites.


The Fisher Price Phone. Not exactly the same as the one I had but it’s still there in spirit.

The Tomy Egg Family. Remember these?


Stickle Bricks. Technically not stickle bricks, and these are apparently S’s set but they’ll definitely be in T’s collection when he’s old enough.

Play-Doh. It still smells the same. It still feels the same. It’ll probably still get stuck in the carpet if you dropped and walked on it. I. Love. Play-doh.

Lego / Duplo. Apart from my collection, T will have so much Lego it’ll be coming out his ears and likely under my feet to cause Lego related injuries.

These toys were so simple, some not even needing a battery. So where did these toys go? I can’t wait to introduce T to some of these toys, I really hope he enjoys playing with them as much as I did.

What were your favourite toys as a child? What are your favourite toys now?