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Things People Don’t Tell You… About Trying To Conceive a Gayby.

10) Sperm is minging. That is all. It also does some crazy shit with your body. 9) You will end up talking about babies regardless of what you’re currently discussing. Watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s? Yep, that little top that Emma is wearing will move onto “Awww. That looks nice” leading on to “I can’t wait to pick

The Signs

According to, the “typical” pregnancy signs are as follows:- Tender breasts. Different colored areolas (look it up, I had to). Early bleeding/spotting. Frequent urination. Exhaustion. Nausea. Sensitivity to odours. Being bloated. Late period (AF). (and obviously) a BFP. Over the past few months of trying I have faced during the TWW (closer to the

A Nonchalant Two Week Wait.

On Wednesday, we’ll be half way through our TWW and at the moment, I couldn’t be more nonchalant about it. I guess it’s because we’re now very used to getting BFN’s. Even for this cycle I don’t think it’s going to work because we weren’t able to get the donor to visit us for a

A Letter To… My Ovaries.

Dear Ovaries, I am writing to you to make a formal complaint. The reason for my complaint is because I was relying on you to come through the other day. You know, the day after we pumped you with sperm at the same time you told us your eggs would be good and ready to

Things NOT to say… To a Lesbian trying for a baby.

Firstly, I would just like to say, I am really happy that people take an interest in the journey that S and I are taking. I am also quite happy to discuss things with gay/straight couples who are also thinking of trying, but of recent there have been a few conversations that I’ve taken part

Trying – Take 2

So, AI numero two is happening tomorrow. Finally!! Waiting for this day to come has felt like a lifetime which I guess was down to missing last month due to the Donor having commitments. I guess when all your focus is on one thing, nothing else matters. We’re both busy with work and general family