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The Breastfeeding Chronicles – My Feeding Station

My day starts between 6am and 8am depending on whether T goes back to sleep after his 6am feed. Once awake, I then get him dressed (topping and tailing him beforehand every other day). I then come downstairs, put him on his play mat or in his travel cot, grab some breakfast, and then spend

Mum IS The Word

Women have been having babies for thousands of years. It’s a fact. But when you have your baby, you naturally feel like everything you’re feeling is new and different, and that no other woman could have felt like this, or done that. You think it’s just you. You worry about your baby and whether you’re

The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Mastitis

Mastitis is where a build up of milk has occurred in your breast, often leaking into the breast tissue. Early stages of mastitis is not an infection, but your body reacts to it as if it is an infection. Later stages of mastitis can apparently turn into a real infection or worse, an abscess. Your

Learning New Skills

I’ll be honest. When I thought about what it would be like with a newborn I thought it would be slightly easier than when you have a toddler, for example. Not easy by any means. Easier. I thought my day would consist of three main things; changing, feeding, sleeping. Everything in between would be a

When Being Mum is Not Enough. 

We’ve had a rough few days, recently. T has been having issues with trapped wind, resulting in restless evenings and constant feeding after every new burp. T looks to be in so much pain and it kills me that nothing I can do as mum, or what S can do as mumma, can help. His

The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Intro. 

*Contains images of breastfeeding and dodgy hair* Breastfeeding is currently a huge part of my life and it’s only right I give it it’s own space within the blog. I hope to write a few posts within these “chronicles” ranging from my experiences with feeding, to writing about other stuff such as nipple pads, and