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Nibbles with Nibboxx – Review

Breastfeeding T means that I’m always hungry, and often not for the good stuff. Cake, biscuits and the occasional spoonful of Nutella (I know, classy) are the things I’m always going for. My body just craves the sweet stuff right now. But in reality, these cravings drive me mad; especially as I’m meant to fit

The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Recipes: Banana Oat Bites

In addition to what’s in my cupboard, I decided to give making my own snacks a go last week. I’m no Mary Berry, but it’s likely to be a hell of a lot cheaper, and probably healthier too! Here’s my (not so much of a) recipe for banana oat bites:- What you’ll need: 3 bananas 75g

The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Fuel for Thought. 

You can get so hungry whilst feeding, not to mention thirsty, so it’s important that you keep well fuelled; not only for energy but for your supply. To help with this, I’ve found the simplest foods to get are the ones with pure oats in the ingredients. Not wheats or grains. Oats. Every morning, usually whilst

The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Freida’s Pantry Nursing Bars – Review

Ever since I started breastfeeding I always worried about my supply – I want to breastfeed as long as possible (or at least continue to pump once the teeth start to effect feeds!) so it’s vital I look after myself and keep everything in tip top condition. I’d heard pumping at the same time as

How My Days Have Changed. 

Having a baby has certainly changed the way my day looks, not to mention my priorities. Before, my biggest worry in the working week was whether there would be traffic on the roads on my way home. Now, it’s whether I’m going to have regular toilet breaks or a shower. I watch more day time


Several blogging award ceremonies are now upon us. Every year, we nominate and then vote for our favourite bloggers – sometimes spending hours on one category because the category has three of your favourite blogs in it. But where would we be without the little parenting lifesavers that have got us through the day so