Travelling with Gro – The Gro Travel Sleeping Bag (Review)

We knew having a baby would limit the amount of time we’d spend outside visiting places thanks to bedtime, however we weren’t necessarily prepared to never visit friends for dinner.

So when T dropped his bedtime forward by an hour from 8pm to 7pm we initially thought we’d be forever having friends round ours and never going out.

Very quickly we decided we’d just have to do his bedtime routine out if we were at a friends house, unless we were naturally able to leave where we were before 6pm to get him home. This was highly unlikely if we were having dinner. Plus, even if we left on time, we couldn’t gurantee there wouldn’t be traffic; delaying someone’s bedtime.

Thankfully, we recently found that the guys at Gro do a travel version of their sleeping bags. The reason they’re a travel version is because there’s a ready made gap at the back of the Gro bag and an additional zip on the front to create a hole so that you can fit a car seat seat belt through the sleeping bag whilst the bag is done up so you can travel with them already in their pyjamas. All you have to do when you get home is unbuckle and transfer from car seat to cot.

This is ingenious. No more accidentally getting home late and fighting with a tired baby who doesn’t want to get changed. Just unbuckle and transfer.


The travel bags come in a range of togs and designs and when his other sleeping bags are in the wash, we still use this one as we’ve found the gap on the back has been handy to check whether someone has filled their nappy when they’re lying on their front or on our chest!


The car seat buckle hole aka the nappy checker hole.


We’ve used this several times now, each time making bedtimes so much easier. The first time was a bit fiddly as we put T in his car seat without sorting the zip out to create the gap for the car seat buckle first (epic fail) but even with that obstacle he still remained warm and snuggled in his car seat and went back to sleep once give car was in motion. When we got home, we just unbuckled and transferred him to his cot. Perfect.


We purchased the Gro Travel Sleeping Bag with our own cash and were given no compensation for the purpose of this review. 

My Baby’s Name Is… Sleeping Bag – Review

T has always been a stickler for routine. As soon as 6:45pm hits, he mentally gets ready for bed. He starts to yawn and becomes less tolerant of our pathetic attempts to make him laugh. If we’re not even close to him being ready for bed by 7:00pm the next 10 minutes are hell.

On the same note, T has also been very good at triggers (if we get to him before he starts telling us!). One un-clip of my nursing bra and he knows it’s feeding time. Likewise, as soon as he’s put in a sleeping bag, he knows it’s bed time.

The only issue we’ve had with our previous sleeping bag, although it’s not actually their fault, is that T is always too long. If we get a bag for his age range it’s perfect at the torso but not the legs. Although I’ve always preferred sleeping bags to blankets, it’s always been a struggle to find one just right. With this, we often find him in a (cute) heap, frogged legged at the end of his Moses basket because he still needs to sleep at an angle.

Since coming across ‘My Baby’s Name Is’, who make really simple sleeping bags, we’ve found they’re perfect for T.

The sleeping bag he has is not only light and soft, but the length is very generous. There are poppers at the shoulders to adjust accordingly and a thick zip at the bottom. T is currently 4 months old and the neck fits him perfectly. I don’t see him growing out of this one for quite some time!

The sleeping bags come in a choice of bright colours and togs and range from 0-6 months, 6-18 months, and 18-36 months. T is currently wearing a 0-6 month, 2.5 tog sleeping bag and on chilly nights it’s kept him warm but not made him sweaty by the morning. He’s also been found happily kicking in the sleeping bag as if he’s just found his legs!

What I like most about ‘My Baby’s Name Is…’ is that their designs are really simple, including their boxes, taking everything back to basics and purely about comfort.


The company itself is run by husband and father Syzmon, and after years of working as an accessories designer he decided to start his own business after becoming displeased with current sleeping bag market.

Once his daughter was born (who also modelled and tested their products!) he really took to work in making something he was 100% proud of; and you can tell. Everything has been tested meticulously and the fabric is of the highest quality.

Unless the weather changes, I won’t need to shop around when T grows a few more inches. The neck and arm holes fits him perfectly, not to mention the length! This will probably last him a good few more months, if not more. We’ll also be taking this on holiday at the end of September to an expected chilly caravan!


We were kindly given this sleeping bag for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are our own.