Bluestone: Our Week in Wales 2018

Arriving home shortly after our first visit to Bluestone last year, we were soon on the Bluestone website booking our next visit. We had such an amazing time when we visited that we wanted to do it all over again the following year. Bluestone is like nothing we’ve ever experienced, and as written previously, is one of the few ‘holiday parks’ where we enjoy (and prefer) to stay on site!

We decided to book for the same time as the previous year, not only because we found a great deal but because we wanted to take advantage of the fact that we can still travel with T during school time – meaning everything would be a lot quieter. Plus, Bluestone is stunning in the Autumn.

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Wooden Railway Tracks and Trains by Wooden Railways (Review)

When T first started his love of trains, we never really knew what this would involve. Sure there would be the occasional trip to a steam railway (or the level crossing if we were skint!) and of course obtaining a fair few toy trains a long the way. Over time, however, we have in the region of 30 different trains. Ranging from plastic to wooden to even a soft cuddly train.

It’s quite the collection, and I now dread to look at how much we’ve spent over the past three years on train related items. T has an engine driver hat, an array of whistles, and a variety of tickets kept from different journeys. And when I come to think of it, why not?

I like Lego, T likes Trains.

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Swimming: SwimFin and the Dinky Divers (Review & Win!)

T has now been swimming for over three years, with his first lesson occurring when he was less than a year old. Although it’s not ‘proper’ swimming (I’m talking front crawl, breast stroke, etc), T now knows what to do if he were to fall into water, and his confidence whilst in the water gives me confidence! He genuinely enjoys being in water – even from a young age.

This year, we became SwimFin ambassadors. If you’ve not heard of SwimFin, they’re the creators of the unique shaped Shark Fin swimming aid; created to give confidence to nervous swimmers whilst maintaining natural swim positions. Simply place the SwimFin high on the child’s back and no matter what stroke they’re performing they will be fully supported in the water.

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T’s Reads: A Little Box of Books Subscription Box (Review)

Over the past few months we’ve been incredibly lucky to have found a number of new books that included diverse family units as their main characters; as well as talked about a number of topics from prejudice to gender. There was a time when the choice was very sparse or the stories weren’t so much ‘stories’ but more about educating the reader about different families.

These books are still needed of course, but when you’re sat down ready for the bedtime story, all you want to read to your child is a story where they’re included in the tale just like every other child or family.

There are a number of resources we’ve recently found where we can find books that do just this and we’ll be sharing these very soon, as well as an up-to-date list of our favourites titles, but for now I thought I’d tell you about a brand new book subscription service that we’ve recently found that celebrates diversity and families just like us!

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Mud ‘n’ Bloom Nature Craft Kits: A Subscription Box {Review}

Living in England, you can never guarantee what the weather will be like. One day you can have gorgeous sunshine, and literally the next day; torrential rain. Therefore, I’ve come to making sure that we always have something stashed away for those rainy days to keep us both occupied.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been trialing a new monthly subscription box called Mud ‘n’ Bloom, which is aimed at nature and craft lovers. Within each box are seasonal activities and games, as well as seeds to plant along the way.

Each box is designed to follow EYFS, KS1 and KS2 national curriculum (aged 3 – 8) and are priced at £7.95 (including postage!). There’s also the option to buy them as gifts.

As part of our invitation we received July and August’s box to try out, and thanks to the ever-changing weather, the boxes really have lasted! Because there’s so much to do, we’ve decide to dip in every now and again – this means we’re encouraged to visit different places depending on whether the kit asks us to collect items like twigs, leaves or flowers.

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Camping with Varta {Review}

Probably one of the most important items to take with you when you go camping is lighting. You’re going to need it at night, despite how well-lit the camp site is, especially in the tent and even more so when you need a midnight toilet break!

Therefore, it’s definitely something that you’ll want to invest in, because the last thing you want is for your light to fail when you’re on the royal throne, several meters from your tent, with no sign of clean loo roll. Not to mention in the midst of fixing your guy ropes during a stormy night!

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