Out and About with Regatta Outdoors (Review) [AD]

Just like any small child, it’s rare that I get it right when it comes to outdoor attire. I either don’t wear enough, or I wear too much. The summer is easy, I just stick my shorts on and I’m happy – it often takes me a good few weeks after the summer has ended to finally get me out of my shorts! The winter, however, is another story.

On top of never getting the layers right, I’ve never had a sensible winter coat.

I caved last year and got myself a rain coat, after coming home from a dog walk looking like a drowned rat, but this only protected me from, you guessed it, the rain. I was still cold, and as mentioned before, I hate being cold. I may be getting better with layers (eventually) but they don’t protect you from the elements!

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Winter Walks

At the start of a new season, I always tell myself that the season we’re in is my favourite season. In the spring, it’s the blossom on the trees and the freshness in the air, in the summer it’s the warmth on my skin, BBQ’s, and the smell of sun tan lotion, in the autumn it’s the autumn leaves and soup-worthy vegetables, and in the winter it’s the thick jumpers and coats.

For me, there’s something wonderful about each season – although Winter soon goes to the bottom of my list when I see the first coating of snow start to appear.

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