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We Are The Mums Who…

This week, we were kindly nominated by Lauren to join in on a feature called “I am the mum who…” which depicts what kind of mums we are. Seeing as there are two of us, we both wanted to get involved! We don’t usually do these sorts of things, but this one stuck out as

Looking after the “Us”. 

Me and S have been just “us” for a long time. We’ve always had the freedom to accept invites to parties and stay out late. We wouldn’t have an issue going out for dinner or having a lay in at weekends. On top of this we were often able to be quite romantic and spontaneous.

Living With a Nightmare – An Open Letter to my Wife. 

Sharon, Over the past two weeks I have been living with a nightmare. It’s not you, it’s not T, it’s me. I’ve been a royal pain in the backside – not just for you, but for me. I’ve been stressing myself out over the smallest of things; such as getting the washing done and making

My Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day always seems like a lovely idea. It certainly seemed like a good idea when I was young to use it as an excuse to declare my love to the cutie is class 6B, but he fancied the blonde that seemed to have started puberty a lot earlier in class 6A, the bitch. However,

1st Anniversary….and more

I sit here writing this post, looking back at how much our lives have changed in the last few years. A year ago, I had the amazing privilege of marrying K (after only 5 months of planning).  We had always planned to get married and had been engaged for 3 years, but it really wasn’t

Looking forward.

Continuing my trend of always being fashionably late I thought I would take this opportunity now to write about what occurred over the past 12 months as well as what we have to look forward to. Most professional bloggers would have done this on the 31st or even the 1st. But as usual, I leave