The Person Behind the Parent {Colette: Going on an Adventure}

Last month I wrote about how I often don’t feel like ‘me’ these days, how I feel like I’ve filed away ‘Kate’ and replaced it with ‘T’s mummy’. The Parent. Sure, that’s no bad thing – I love being a parent – but sometimes when I’m yet again picking up toys and snot rags I miss the days when I did things for me.

The drawing, the reading, the nights out. I miss it. Some days more often than not. I also miss talking. Talking about things that aren’t parenting related! I’m not asking for politics (we have enough of that on tap right now) but instead last nights Big Bang Theory or where I’d like to travel to. There is a person behind this parent after all.

To continue this theme I’ve asked lots of bloggers to explore the person they are behind the parent and kicking off the feature is the lovely Colette from We’re Going on An Adventure

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