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Days Out: Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh [AD – Press Visit]

One of the highlights of our trip to Edinburgh was our visit to Edinburgh Castle. We’ve always enjoyed exploring castles, but Edinburgh Castle has always been The One we’ve wanted to visit. It’s not surprising really. Dating back to the Iron Age, Edinburgh Castle has been a Royal Residence, a Fortress and a Prison. It’s

Our Stay with Airbnb (and why they’re perfect for families!) [AD]

For our trip to Edinburgh, we were invited to stay at a local Airbnb to see how they worked for families like us. When we visit a new city, we’re generally up and out as soon as possible; not returning until early evening. But, where we’re staying still needs to tick those boxes! One of

Our Trip to Edinburgh

This week, we took ourselves off on a short break to Edinburgh, Scotland. If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that we’ve always wanted to visit the country. There’s just something magical and mysterious about Scotland. As an LGBT family, we’ve always seen Scotland as one of the most progressive and accepting countries.