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Organising a Nursery with OCD

Last weekend, S built the nursery furniture for Beansprout whilst I got on with washing all the clothes ready to be put away. It was a mountain of a task, but we did it! Apart from the Cot, it’s practically done! The washing and the building was actually the least of my worries as I

Things People Don’t Tell You… About Trying To Conceive a Gayby.

10) Sperm is minging. That is all. It also does some crazy shit with your body. 9) You will end up talking about babies regardless of what you’re currently discussing. Watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s? Yep, that little top that Emma is wearing will move onto “Awww. That looks nice” leading on to “I can’t wait to pick

How will we cope?

It’s an odd question to be asking now we’ve started on this journey to parenthood, but one that is very valid. We’ve gone through the “Can we afford to have a child?” stage, which we came to the simple conclusion of no, but can anyone really afford children. Especially as it is estimated that they

Mum – Version 1.2

I guess today, of all the days, is a good day to tell you about my up-bringing. See, today is my 2nd mums’, mum #2’s, my mums’ wife’s’ birthday! Happy Birthday, A. It’s her 31st Anniversary of being 21. Starting at the beginning… when I was 10 my dad passed away after battling bowel cancer.

It begins…

It’s been just over a month now since we got married and since that day; life has been an absolute whirlwind. The purchasing of several hundred ovulation sticks, a piss-pot, a thermometer and multi-vitamins has taken place and at the moment, I am currently waking up at 05:00 (EVERY MORNING!!) to take my temperature. This,