Things to do in Brighton on a Budget. 

A T get’s older, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find new places to go as well as places that are relatively cheap still. Although T is free most of the time, he’s slowly entering that danger zone of not being free anymore! I’ve also been quite lucky that folk haven’t challenged him/me as some days he certainly doesn’t look two!

Sadly, a lot of places that T would probably enjoy now do cost, and sometimes quite a lot! At first, £3-£5 isn’t much, but do that 2-3 times a month on my day off, plus parking at some places and petrol, the cost soon ads up! I’m always on the look out for, lets face it, a freebie.

We’re lucky enough to be able to afford our yearly national trust; which means we can visit places as many times as we like without the need for extra cash, but sometimes we just want something a bit more local or something that doesn’t require a whole day. Living close to Brighton means there’s always something on, whether it’s a festival or exhibition, and a lot of the time these events are free – but there’s also a ton of other things to do if you decide to randomly rock up one day unplanned.

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