T’s Reads: The Thomas and Friends Character Encyclopaedia (Review) [AD]

If you didn’t know already, T goes tipsy for trains.

He loves all types, but if he had to choose, he would go for the locomotive. I don’t know whether it’s the sound they make or how pretty they are, but whenever he catches sight of a steam train he goes nuts.

We’ve been to the Bluebell Railway already, and already have plans to visit Eastbourne’s miniature Railway soon. At Christmas, I lost count of the times we watched Polar Express, and at least once a day he asks whether he can watch Thomas & Friends. I’m pretty confident in saying that our son is an absolute anorak when it comes to trains – and more so about Thomas and Friends. He can name all the characters – even the cameo ones that haven’t made the cut of being a regular – and can remember what happens in most episodes.

So, when we Boolino got in touch and asked whether T would like to review the new Thomas and Friends Character Encyclopedia, I couldn’t contain my excitement as I knew T was going to blow a gasket at the sight of this.

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T’s Reads: The Lego City ‘Busy Word’ Book (Review) [AD]

Over the past few weeks, we’ve recently started to introduce the next stage of Lego into T’s life.

He mainly played with the larger version; Duplo, previously, although to be honest, he still does, but when family bought round a tub of Lego, he was fascinated at the little pieces. He loved creating little cars or buildings, although he wasn’t too happy when we advised that a tower won’t be the same with Lego as it would have been with Duplo!

What I’ve always loved about Duplo is the vast amount of detail there is on each piece. Whether it’s a piece of cake, a radio, or an oil tank, the pictured pieces encourage the creator to think about how that piece fits into their creation. For example, T can place the ‘radio’ piece in both his car or his house (or both in our case, seeing as we have a few duplicates!). Moving onto Lego now means that T can create these items himself or build them physically into his creation.

The only thing holding T back now is knowing what the items are called and where they can be found. Which is where the new Lego City ‘Busy Word’ Book comes in handy!

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T’s Reads: Boolino BookAdvisor (Review) [AD]

Before T was even born we had a large amount of books ready to read to him. From story books to picture books, books about animals to books about vehicles, same sex families to single parent families. We wanted them all. We wanted him to enjoy books just as much as we do.

Over time, that collection has grown with his appetite for stories. At the moment, there’s not really one particular theme that he likes more than others – he gets just as excited reading about a dinosaur as he does a train. Us on the other hand could probably do without the 145th rendition of Spot the Dog! This is great as it means when we get free reign to choose the book (which isn’t often) we can choose anything and we’re all happy.

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