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T’s Reads: The Thomas and Friends Character Encyclopaedia (Review) [AD]

If you didn’t know already, T goes tipsy for trains. He loves all types, but if he had to choose, he would go for the locomotive. I don’t know whether it’s the sound they make or how pretty they are, but whenever he catches sight of a steam train he goes nuts. We’ve been to

T’s Reads: The Lego City ‘Busy Word’ Book (Review) [AD]

Over the past few weeks, we’ve recently started to introduce the next stage of Lego into T’s life. He mainly played with the larger version; Duplo, previously, although to be honest, he still does, but when family bought round a tub of Lego, he was fascinated at the little pieces. He loved creating little cars

T’s Reads: Boolino BookAdvisor (Review) [AD]

Before T was even born we had a large amount of books ready to read to him. From story books to picture books, books about animals to books about vehicles, same sex families to single parent families. We wanted them all. We wanted him to enjoy books just as much as we do. Over time,