Three Reasons to Lay Artificial Grass At Home

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When we think of summer, we think of spending quality family time in the garden. However, maintaining a garden in a busy family home can be a real struggle. Cutting the grass and weeding the plants often falls short to the endless list of housework. So what’s the solution? Artificial grass and here’s why:

Save Money

Seeds, chemical enhancers, weed killers and gardening tools. Whilst the cost may seem trivial, these can sharp add up. Not to mention the bigger costs of lawn mowers and water rates.

One of the great benefits of artificial grass is that there are no ongoing costs to consider. Once the grass is down, there’s little to no maintenance required – a simple brush down is enough to keep it looking fabulous.  You can keep your money for that family BBQ instead!

No Allergies

Artificial grass eliminates the need for chemical enhancers, providing a safe environmentally friendly area for children and pets to play. With zero pollen count, it’s great for those who suffer from hay fever too. Say goodbye to sore eyes, running noses, headaches. Hay fever symptoms will no longer be irritated by your lawn so you get to spend more time outdoors.

Low Maintenance

We don’t need to elaborate on the chores gardening entails, I’m sure were all pretty aware of the hourly mowing sessions and the lovely back ache we endure for days after. Whilst it looks amazing, there is an abundance of effort that goes in to maintaining it.

Then there’s the muddy footprints ran across the kitchen floor and lovely grass stained clothing to consider. With little maintenance and the look of natural grass, the artificial stuff is the perfect solution for us busy parents who just don’t have time to spare.

*This is a Sponsored Guest Post*