An Interview With T at Three

You may remember last year I was tagged by Lauren from Scrapbook Blog to take part in a little interview with T just as he was turning three. It was really cute and I was astounded at how much his personality shone through at such an early age. Not to mention how his language was coming along.

Now that a year has passed, I thought I’d do it again, just before turning four, and share the differences in comparison to last year’s. I’m hoping to make a regular thing of this.

Just like last time, we sat down after breakfast and asked him the following questions, writing down exactly what he said…

T at Three

What’s the best thing about being 3?

I liked playing with my toys and eating carrots.

What makes you laugh?


Who do you love and why?

Oscar, because he’s my best friend.

What’s your favourite book?

Polar Express.

Favourite food?


Favourite song?

Baa Baa Black Pink Sheep.

Favourite outfit?

Your jumpers.

Favourite TV programme?

Go Jetters.

Favourite toy?

My train set.

Favourite thing to do?

Going in the loft with Mama.

So not quite the wordsmith when under pressure, but I like how his tastes are changing.

I’m tagging Polly from Our Seaside Baby as their little one’s birthday is coming up soon and I’d love to know how they’ve changed over the past 12 months.

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