Swimming: SwimFin and the Dinky Divers (Review) [AD] -

Amy Bondoc says:

i think it looks super cool, maybe also will help with confidence

They are not only appealing and fun for little ones, but they help them to gain confidence in the water too!

Solange says:

I like that it helps kids to gain confidence in the water.

Katie Skeoch says:

Looks like great fun, I’m sure it would encourage kids to get in the water more

AMANDA W says:

i lvoe the look of it! my kids would love whizzing about in the water with this on them!!

Kim Neville says:

Makes swimming more interesting

Laura Walker says:

I took my 3 year old to swimming lessons for a year but when his baby sister came along last year I had to stop due to money/not being able to go on my own with both. We need to get back to the pool but will have to skip the lessons as it’s finding time for myself and husband. The fin would be great for us to use with him

Ema J Lowe says:

really like the design, much better than bulky blown up armbands. our little man is 5 soon, this would help him to learn to swim. due to SN he cant attend normal swimming lessons

rebecca smith says:

I love that it would help my son with his confidence in the water

Margaret Gallagher says:

Practical – encouraging little ones to be confident and learn to love water

Karen Barrett says:

Looks cool and I like how it is quite versatile

Leila Benhamida says:

Perfect for security and confidence for learning. Looks appealing especially for children.

Iain Maciver says:

swimming more fun

Lauren morris says:

Makes learning to swim safe but exciting

carol boffey says:

makes swimming fun

Paula Phillips says:

I like that it gives children confidence whilst in the water.

Sarah says:

So much sense to have a fin on the back than arm bands! Saw this on holiday- Rosa loved it because she could pretend to be a shark!

Kevin Johnson says:

It would make swimming more fun and I certainly think it would make my little one enjoy going more often.

Michael Thompson says:

It’s good for children

Phil Cassell says:

I like the lovely bright colours and the fun factor of playing at being a shark

Ursula Hunt says:

I like how it fits in the back and leaves their arms free to learn how to swim properly

Rebecca Whatmore says:

Increases confidence in the water and keeps it fun!

Natalee Gosiewski says:

the safty of my lil one and how much fun ythey would enjoy using it

Amy says:

Looks great! Think my twins would love these

laura stewart says:

gives them mor confidence in the water x

Angela Sharp says:

This would make my son find swimming more enjoyable

Jackie Howell says:

makes swimming fun but safe for kids

Jo Hutchings says:

I like the fun element. My little one would love pretending to be a shark!

Kay Broomfield says:

I think for any child who is a reluctant swimmer this would make it a lot more fun and take away the fear!

adeinne Tonner says:

I really like that it makes it a bit more fun for the child that is learning to swim

Dawn Hull says:

What I like most about SwimFin is that it quickly helps young children become more confident in the water and learning to swim.


Would make learning to swim more fun, great idea for grandson to use

Samantha O'D says:

It looks fun and would help my daughter to become more confident in the water

Tracy Hanley says:

Perfect for helping the little ones to swim

Rachel Butterworth says:

The fun element to encourage children.

Rhia says:

Oh blimey, yes please! Was saying the other day one of these would be fab for our son… he ADORES being in the water and has absolutely no fear at all… or common sense, apparently. I swear every swimming session takes years off my life…. He doesn’t really like his armbands but is still at the age where he needs a bit of help staying consistently bouyant, so this would be so great for him. And me. Kid makes me anxious!

Hayley Colburn says:

Its fab for getting kids excited about getting into the water, so fun

Geri Gregg says:

Definitely would help my son learn to swim

I like the fun design that encourages younsters to gain confidence in water and learn to swim x

Lia Burns says:

I like that it’s not too bulky, we have had life jacket type floats in the past and they really restrict the movement and strokes my children can perform x

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