Days Out: Our Puddle Ducks Underwater Photoshoot

I’m a sucker for photo’s of T – especially novelty ones where he has to dress up or be dunked underwater. Thankfully (for T) the latter was on offer recently so we booked ourselves in! The last time T had an underwater photoshoot he was a mere SIX MONTHS OLD and (as you’ll read) a lot more persuasive.

We arrived for our afternoon shoot after T had spent the morning at nana’s (probably our first mistake). T was a little cranky but we’d been used to weeks of T not having an afternoon nap so we thought that perhaps he was a little hungry or that he didn’t really want to leave nana’s – but we went with it.

T was his usual excited self at the side of the pool and was even more excited that mama was there watching. We got in and after a short briefing and introduction about the photoshoot we did our usual lesson with one instructor whilst two other instructors carried out the submersions – with the photographer on hand to capture those shots.

When it was T’s turn he immediately changed his tune and didn’t want to be left with the instructor – even though he was with an instructor he knew and adored, and even though I was literally feet away! We’d been through this before and T had gone back to his usual confident self in the water during lessons so I had no idea what the hell was going on.

A Quick Dunk

He eventually calmed himself for a few seconds, enough for Vicky to dunk him down for a few snaps. Up he came, a little shocked, but ok. Phew. Back to our lesson and T went back to playing.

The rotation went round again and it was our turn again, This time, T knew what was going to happen and kicked off immediately. Grabbing hold of me as tight as he could and not letting go. Because Puddle Ducks never submerge an unhappy child they missed my turn and went onto the next child; hoping T would be ok for the next round. By this point I was getting a little annoyed as I couldn’t fathom why T was being like this. He was in his usual environment with people he knew – I can only imagine that he was tired / hungry / protesting for the sake of protesting/ all of the above.

The last rotation came round and by this point, everyone was onto their choice of photo where you could submerge with your child, have a family shot, or take another single photo if you were concerned with the first two. For me, I was still trying to get one decent shot – as there were hints that limbs were in the way on the first one. I was also still the only one with a screaming child. ARGH!

No dice.

The third rotation was like the other two. T was upset and they didn’t submerge him. I was devastated and had no idea whether there were any decent photos. The wait until P-Day was going to be agony.

And then it arrived…

In comparison to our last photo, it’s not the greatest – but then T is twice the age and then some (physically and mentally), and this photoshoot was different in the way that they were being taken underwater. Two totally different angles.

I guess I should be grateful that we managed to get a semi-decent photo considering he wasn’t in the best of moods. I can only thank the photographer who clearly knows his stuff and has managed to score a decent photo!

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Days Out: Our Puddle Ducks Underwater Photoshoot

  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    It’s a lovely photo and I’m glad they don’t submerge children who are upset. I didn’t send mine to baby swimming lessons like these because a few friends have sent their children and they’ve ended up with water phobias because they’ve been pushed into going under when they didn’t want to and it has made them panic.

    • Kate Everall says:

      Oh no! That’s horrid. Why would those schools do that? How is that going to achieve water confidence. Gosh. That’s awful.

      We’re super lucky with Puddle Ducks as they’re a wonderful swimming school. Tantrums aside, T loves it.

  2. Julia says:

    I can so relate to the article, mine was very similar – and I got some comedy photos out of it (had to go under WITH him!).

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