Travelling with a Diono – Review

Over the Christmas and new year period, including a few days before and a several weeks after, we’ve spent a lot of time delivering presents, and seeing friends and family far and wide.

A few months ago, we could usually guarantee T falling asleep in the car on every journey, even if he had just had a long nap an hour or two before hand. Now, being 9 months old, he still falls asleep in car but once he’s had his allotted nap he’s awake and often gets fed up. Even if we take him out the car and then start a new journey later on after a leg stretch, he’s awake until his allotted nap time. Therefore, the period before hand and in between can be hellish. There’s a lot of crying (from all parties).

Thankfully, we were recently given a Travel Pal and a Baby Organiser by Diono who specialise in baby and travel accessories.

The Travel Pal works as a sturdy organiser to store anything from toys to books, or in our case, presents!


Here are the features:-

  • Large cargo area for sharing.
  • Zippered pockets
  • Fits between two child seats.
  • 8 side pockets
  • Insulated drinks holders.
  • Waterproof.

As T’s a lot longer in the arm department now it means he can grab a toy or book and play with it to keep him occupied. When S sits in the back with him she now also has a variety of toys and games to play with T. It beats having to fiddle around in a changing bag, arguing about where I put sofie!

It also means that when we arrive at our destination we can pick the organiser up and take it with us – saving on valuable changing bag space. It has a really solid base which means you can place it on the ground outside or on a park bench for picnics!

The Baby Organiser also acts as an organiser; hence the name, but a more compact, mobile one! You can use it in the car as well as on a buggy whilst out and about.

Here are the features:-

  • 4 pockets ranging in size for all necessities.
  • Easy to use.
  • Insulated bottle holder.

With a handy zip that runs around the body, you can keep the organiser as a small pouch / handbag, or undo it and keep it as a larger organiser.

S has utilised it several times for storing drinks, extra dummies, muslins, even a magazine or two. It keeps everything off the floor and in one place.


We’ve also taken it with us on our travels once we’ve arrived at our location by removing the Velcro straps from the back of the car seat and onto the back of the buggy. It fits the handles of both strollers and prams!



What we really like about Diono products is the attention to detail. From the fabric used, which is often waterproof and extremely tough for those moments you misjudge a space and end up scraping the buggy (just me?), to the variety of pockets offered in their organisers. They have really thought of everything.


We were given a Diono Travel Pal and Diono Baby Organiser for the purpose of a review, however thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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