The Brug by We Are Wunderlife (Review) [AD]

When we go out we’re out for the day. Whether it’s to the beach, a National Trust location, a park or a farm. We also often travel a fair distance to make the most out of our day, or take the opportunity to visit somewhere new. One thing for sure though is that we ALWAYS pack a picnic (in addition to towels, a change of clothes, and the kitchen sink!).

Living in England, we get used to the weather changing all of a sudden. Over the past few years we’ve earned the title of not being fair-weather parents thanks to being rained on as well as almost snowed in! Nothing stands in our way of a good day out. That being said, there are certain things that can put a literal damper on things, and that is; a wet backside.

One thing I hate when we’re out is when you misjudge the ground and fall flat to wet grass. Most of the time, the places we visit have benches or tables, but sometimes – especially if we’re off for a long walk with the dog – we’re limited to grass or a wall. It’s ok when it’s a lovely hot day, but not when it’s rained within the past week.

The Brug by ‘WE are wunderlife’

Bag and Rug, aka The Brug, is a water resistant, rug-bag all in one. Starting off small, unroll The Brug into a large 150cm x 150cm rug and use as you wish, but when you’re done, this is where it gets interesting. You have the choice of either rolling it back up to a small sausage for easy packing (which is really simple to do!) using the built in bungees, or you can gather up the sides using the pull-strings, zip it up, and create a bag – which is perfect for if you suddenly have to up-sticks and leave and don’t have time to collect your things. Once set into the bag ‘setting’ you then have two strong handles to carry it with.

So far we’ve taken our Brug to Camp Bestival, the beach, and our back garden! It’s been perfect for sitting at a festival or when we’ve had to feed five hungry kids and there’s been no table room outside! As it’s water resistant it means you don’t get a wet backside, but on the same note, it’s machine washable. You can tell it was created with adventure in mind.

Not just for outdoors

It’s not just for the outside either. We’ve used ours as a travel rug for Lego!

Visiting Grandma’s we took with us a bucket of Lego for T, but instead of taking the bucket, we emptied the Lego into The Brug for easy storage in an already overloaded car. We simply unzipped the bag, set The Brug down in the lounge and off T went with his building. When we were packing up to go home we simply gathered it, zipped it, and carried it away. No spillage. No mess.

In addition to this, we’ve used The Brug for painting and Playdoh, which means that our carpets are now free from stains and trodden in dough! Thanks to it’s size it covers the majority of our lounge nicely and did I mention that it’s machine washable?!

Features & pricing

The current price for The Brug is £49.99 and comes with free delivery and can be shipped worldwide. Going on how much we have used our Brug already I would say this is well worth the price. As long as you look after it (aka. Don’t use fabric softener when washing and don’t tumble dry) The Brug will last you a while.

***Update: The Brug is currently discounted to £40 on Amazon***
(added extras can also be added by contacting We Are Wunderlife via email)

The Brug comes with a Duraflex Buckle and a YKK zip as standard, you also have the option to purchase beach pegs for £5, which is certainly something to consider if you’re visiting a sandy beach (which is something we don’t have this worry in Brighton – pesky pebble beach!). There’s also the option to personalise the handles.

I really don’t know where I was before getting a Brug. It goes everywhere with us now. Most of the time it’s rolled up ready for our next picnic and fits easily into our bag, but on rainy days it soon becomes the protector of carpets! We love it.

We received a Brug in exchange for an honest review, however all thoughts, opinions, and images are our own.

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