ToddleBike2 (Review) [AD]

Ever since I walked into T’s nursery and found him tearing round the room on a small balance bike I wanted to get him one. Just like reading, riding a bike is one of those things I want to introduce T to at an early age so he gets used to it, so getting a balance bike was definitely the way forward.

The ToddleBike2


The ToddleBike2 is a “pre-balance” bike for toddlers ranging from 18 months, although if your little one is already confident on their feet then this can be for them too! Weighting at just under 1kg, it’s lightweight design means that even the smallest of toddlers can ride it.

If they prefer, they can also pull or carry it…

or push it…

Either way, as soon as they get the hang of it there’ll be no stopping them!

What I like about the ToddleBike2 is that little ones can choose where they want to sit. They can either sit on the central bar or the seat – depending on how long their legs are. This feature also means that the bike will continue with them as they grow.

As well as being extremely indoor friendly, it also stood its ground against outside trips thanks to the tough plastic it’s made from and the generous sized wheels.

It had no issue going over gravel and concrete – although it didn’t come home as clean! If you are thinking of taking the ToddleBike2 out it’s surprisingly petit which makes it easy to fit in the car, as well as across the top of a buggy.

The ToddleBike2 comes in three colours; red, pink, blue. We decided to go with racing car red, but the other colours are just as lovely.

Priced at £23.95 (including shipping) I think this is a wonderful start to biking.


We were sent the ToddleBike2 for the purpose of a review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh I love it! I was looking at something similar recently and think this is fab! Thanks for sharing – will go have a look for one this weekend.

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