Pop ‘n’ Sit Booster Seat by Summer Infant (Review) [AD]

At the ripe old age of two, T is probably classed as well and truly “weaned” what with the lack of boob he now has and the fact that there is no food he can’t eat. Despite missing the booby snuggles, I’m actually pleased we can take him out and pretty much take him anywhere to eat.

However, the trouble with being two and the size/height that T is means that we often have issues finding the right size highchair – especially as we think he’s now too heavy for our previous travel highchair .T is now either too big for highchairs or he’s too short for a normal chair – we had to find an alternative.

Pop ‘n’ Sit

Summer Infant have recently released a new booster seat called the Pop ‘n’ Sit – a foldable booster seat with an innovative removable tray for on-the-go feeding – and when they found out that we were going camping and needed some assistance at mealtimes; as T is still too small to sit at our camping table, they kindly invited us to give the booster seat a go.

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When we first looked at the seat, we were instantly impressed with the fact that it comes with a neat carry case that fits both the chair AND the tray. More often than not, the ones we have shopped around for have kept the two items separate for some unknown reason.

The next feature that then made us smile was how easy it was to set up. Simply pull the chair away from itself and then press the arms down to create a very sturdy seat.

other Features

• Detachable, dishwasher safe tray.
• Innovative pop and fold design.
• Durable construction for indoor and outdoor use.
• Carry case.
• Includes 3-point safety harness.
• Includes chair safety straps for use on adult chair.
• For use up to 37lbs / 17kg

As mentioned, we decided to take the seat with us camping as T can’t currently reach the table when he sits at the camping table and his lap isn’t quite big enough to keep a plate of food steady, however the chair will also work perfectly for air shows, trips to the beach, even family BBQ’s.

With the tray that slides neatly into place, it means that food is at the perfect height. I imagine it would also work perfectly for craft and play! When we used the tray, it held a large plate and his drinks bottle comfortably with enough room for his arms and cutlery.

Booster Seat

Although we primarily used the seat for on-the-go mealtimes, it’s primary use is a booster seat – so we gave this feature a go a few days before when T’s friend decided to stay for tea and T kindly leant him his highchair.

Once set up, simply place the legs on any chair and attach the detachable straps to the underneath of the seat and then clip them around the chair. 

Using our chairs, T was the perfect height with our table so we didn’t need to use the tray, but this is always an option if your chairs are that bit higher than the table.

Once you’re finished with the seat, pull the sides together and put it away into the carry bag. I found the bag had plenty of room for all items without needing a trophy from the Krypton Factor to get it all in.

Being quite tall, I’m not sure how long this will last T, but it’s definitely going to come in handy when friends come round for tea or when we attend air shows. Without the tray, T has a nice seat to relax in; with pockets at the back to store food and drink. With the tray attached, T has an opportunity to eat comfortably on the go!

We were sent a Pop ‘n’ Sit in exchange for a review, however as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. stephenyule says:

    Really good review! We have just purchased one of these and I’m writing my own review. Your post has given me some inspiration so thank you.

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