Personalised Learning with IJustLoveIt Books (Review) [AD]

When it comes to books, T is a complete bookworm. He adores all sorts of books, from pop up books to books with doors and flaps. Bedtime books that have a long story, to short board books that encourage you to interact with it. He loves a book.

Part of the reason we think he enjoys reading with us is because we enjoy it too. We thoroughly enjoy snuggling on a sofa under a blanket and reading his favourites like; Elmer, Dear Zoo, Where’s Spot, and One Ted Falls Out of Bed. We’ve written about his favourites before and I can tell you now they haven’t changed!

He currently enjoys kissing every character in ‘Rabbits nap’.

More recently, however, he’s started to enjoy books that encourage pointing something out like an object or animal. He’s also starting to repeat a lot of the words we say when we’re reading to him! His favourite book in this category is an ‘Around the House’ style book that has page for each room. Each page has objects in them for you to either point out or find around the house. It’s really fun, especially when each utensil in the book is called a spoon.

Books with a personal touch…

Because T now enjoys to learn and repeat whilst reading we were recently sent two personalised books from a selection of many by I Just Love it. Within their range of personalised gifts you can find fun and educational books for young children and beyond. We were sent two toddler board books.


The first book we explored was the Shapes book. From the very beginning the book is personalised with the child’s name on the front and a beautiful message inside. As you turn the pages, you’re presented not with a plain book with just your basic shapes, but instead a wonderfully illustrated collection of scenes.

From a House to a beach, each scene encourages the child to look for the shape that it’s asking you to find by putting the shape in everyday objects such as windows or balls. Each page is personalised beautifully by placing the child’s name somewhere in the book. My favourite page was finding T’s name amongst various lit up windows on a tower block!


Our second book was an Alphabet book and as you can imagine, the book goes through the alphabet using everyday objects. What I liked about this book is that the author has thought about alternative objects for some of the letters apposed to usual objects you find in similar books. For example; ‘i’ is ‘ice cream’, where as a lot of other books we have has ‘i’ for ‘igloo’.

Like the Shapes book, there is at least two personalisations per page and half the fun is actually trying to find where your child’s name is!

I’ve really enjoyed reading these books with T and I’m confident they will follow his various developmental leaps. Whether it’s objects to find in a scene, or letters in a word – I’m looking forward to watching T learn.


We were sent two board books for the purpose of a review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    Oh this is interesting, I really like this idea because I guess it teaches them to recognise their own name a bit sooner as well. What a lovely book.

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