The Flipside 200 AWII Camera Bag by LowePro (Review) [AD]

When Sharon treated me to a GoPro last year it wasn’t long after that that we started buying accessories for it (not to mention spare parts (and spare parts for the spare parts!)). Over time, we bought accessories that allowed the GoPro to float, get attached to our head, our body, even attach to the dog. It meant we could go have some fun and capture it all along the way.

So far, we’ve recorded our scooting trips, our visit to GoApe, and our holidays. You can see a few of our videos over on our YouTube channel. We really enjoy making videos, although sadly we don’t often get the time to edit them. I have several videos still in my drafts!

A few weeks ago, Joby then added to this collection by sending us some goodies for Camp Bestival. Within the bundle were tripods and clamps, which are brilliant for taking photos on our phone or video on the GroPro, but we now need somewhere safe to keep them. Not to mention somewhere to put them when we want to take them with us when we go out!

Flipside 200 AW II

The Flipside 200 by LowePro is a backpack for all compact tech, from small drones to DSLR cameras to tablets. It features two main compartments, but within those are several pockets and pouches, a smaller nested compartment, as well as a few hideaway features such as a tripod mount.


  • Fits mirrorless or DSLR with 70-200mm attached plus 1-2 lenses
  • Body-side point of entry.
  • All Weather AW Cover for premium protection from the elements.
  • Hideaway Tripod Mount secures a compact tripod to the pack.
  • Front storage panel & removable, padded accessory pouch.

External Dimensions: 24.5 x 20 x 43.5 cm
Internal Dimension: 20.5 x 12.6 x 38 cm


One of the two defining features of this bag is how protective it is and how interchangeable it is whilst maintaining it’s durability. This is thanks to the padding throughout the bag, including the velcro dividers.

At the moment it’s our main backpack for all our GoPro and Joby accessories, but we’ve also put our old camera in it every now and again. Because I can keep everything on one place, I’m now more inclined to use our ‘proper’ camera!

The main entry point is technically the ‘back’ as opposed to the ‘front’ of the back, which is now just called the ‘outside’. I like really like this feature as security has clearly been placed at the forefront. The only way can access your tech is by taking your bag off or turning it around on your hip using the waist strap.

\ \ \

Compartments, including the separate pouch within the main body, are generous in size and padded for extra protection. In the smaller compartment, we keep our GoPro and Portable chargers.

When you turn the bag over to access the front/outside compartment, you’ll find a variety of sleeves of different sizes. This is where we keep our memory cards, charging cables, and lens wipes, but it could easily store a tablet or two as well.

made for adventure

On the outside of the bag are also two netted expandable pockets for items that you require constant access to, or bottles of water! It also has a sturdy padded handle as well as a variety of clips and elastic tabs to attach anything else you may wish to attach.

The shoulder straps are also padded and come with chest clips for extra comfort and security. The bag itself is padded on the ‘back’ for added back relief. It also boasts a curved design so you’re not bulked out. Working with the design and style of the bag, it’s an incredibly comfy bag to wear – even when it’s full. I certainly don’t seem to sweat as much when I wear it in comparison to a general back pack.

hidden secrets

Although the bag is made from shower-proof meshed material, the bag also comes with a foldaway rain cover. This is located at the base of the bag and covers the bag in it’s entirety. When you’re finished, simply tuck it away again. The pocket it comes from is generous in size, so you don’t feel like you’re trying to get a handkerchief into a thimble (which is a real bug bear of mine with some bags).

The other secret feature in this bag, which I’ve only properly found this week, is the tripod carrier. This is a fantastic addition to the bag, and because it’s located on the outside/front it means you won’t have anything digging into your back. The attachments themselves are also hidden within velcro pockets, which means they only come out when you need them.

I LOVE this feature, as I always end up carrying our tripod when we take it out. This way means I have both my hands free whilst on the move. Other bags I’ve seen often have their tripod holder on one of the sides or at the top of the bag, meaning you’re either heavier on one side or just that bit wider (not ideal if trekking through dense woodland).

I seriously love what LowePro have done here.

I absolutely adore this bag and it is by far the most useful and impressive piece of kit we now have (apart from the actual tech!). The guys at LowePro have thought of everything for this bag, whilst maintaining security, comfort, and tech protection. The current price tag is £104.95 on the LowePro website and I would say this is very good value for money. I would pay this knowing what I know about this bag.

Whilst there are other bags available for larger pieces of equipment or certain specifications and needs, this is definitely a good one to have if you have smaller items or don’t have much to take with you.

We were sent a Flipside 200 AW II for the purpose of an honest review, however all thoughts, opinions, and images are our own. 

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