EasiYo Yoghurt Maker (Review) [AD]

One of T’s favourite foods in the whole wide world is yoghurt. From greek yoghurt to frozen yoghurt, yoghurt with fruit in to yoghurt that’s been shoved on a stick and frozen at home. It was one of his first tastes when we started weaning and he still enjoys it to this day – just more of it!

For some unknown reason, Sharon doesn’t like yoghurt (apart from that fromage frais that builds bones, you know the one) , however I LOVE yoghurt and often put it in baking for a healthy option, or just blob it on some fruit with honey. Sadly, I can’t get away with eating as much of it as T – but you’ll often find me licking the spoon after we’ve served T with some!

Thanks to T’s increasing appetite, we go through a lot of yoghurt on a weekly basis, and therefore have always wanted to try making it ourselves in an attempt to increase our stock, but we always thought it would require a science lab (or at least several sterile jars) and therefore never gave it a go.


So when we found out about EasiYo and were invited to give their yoghurt maker a go we were really keen to get started making our own.


There isn’t much when it comes to making yoghurt with EasiYo. All you need is their yoghurt maker, a yoghurt jar, and a sachet of their yoghurt mix. Simple! Looking on their website, there are dozens of flavours from your everyday flavours such as; strawberry, banana, and vanilla, to more gourmet flavours such as lemon and ginger, peaches and cream, or mixed berry. You can also buy greek style yoghurt and custards!


Like I said, you really don’t need a science lab. Your kitchen will do and it only takes a few minutes to set up. There’s no measuring and can even be done with the help of a toddler!

  1. Half-fill your yogurt jar with tepid / room temperature water. Add your yogurt sachet, pop the lid on and give it a good shake (toddlers love this bit!). Once thoroughly shaken, fill the jar up with more water to the fill line… and then shake again!
  2. Place the plastic space all the way down (making sure it’s the right way up) to the bottom and fill with boiling water to the top of the spacer.
  3. Put your jar of yoghurt mix into the Yogurt Maker so that it sits on top of the spacer. The boiling water will rise part-way up the sides of the jar – don’t worry. Put the Yogurt Maker lid on and leave it for 8 to 12 hours (or overnight) to set.

taste test…

Once set, I do recommend plopping it in the fridge to chill, as warm yoghurt is a bit odd to say the least, but saying that, we both still enjoyed giving it a good taste test. We were invited to try two flavours; strawberry and toffee, and so far after trying the strawberry we found it to be delicious!

The yoghurt makes 1kg of yoghurt and that’s lasted the both of us a full week. During the week I added several toppings from banana and strawberries, as well as placed the rest of it in moulds to create strawberry ice lollies – which went down a treat on a hot day. Other recipes using their plain yoghurt can include everything from overnight oats, to smoothies, and even cheese!

I really enjoyed trying the yoghurt maker a go and will definitely give their other flavours a try. What’s also useful about the maker is that it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t take any time at all to make. I set mine up when I got in from work and it was ready for breakfast the next morning. No fuss or mess!

We were given an EasyYo yoghurt maker in exchange for a review, however all thoughts an opinions expressed are our own.


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