Blade & Rose – Review

There are a handful of things I’ve become obsessed with over the past few months… Babywearing, T’s feet, geek wear for babies, wooden toys, and leggings.

I love babies in leggings. If their fudgey thighs weren’t delicious enough, put them in some leggings and you turn their fudgey thighs into double chocolate fudgey thighs.

Leggings have always wrongly been linked as items of clothing for girls, which makes getting a hold of leggings that don’t have butterflies on them difficult. I’m all for gender neutral, but T really doesn’t suit pink.

So when the guys at Blade and Rose asked whether we’d like to put T’s delicious thighs into a pair of their leggings I couldn’t resist.

Blade and Rose are a British clothing company and make unique and funky items of clothing from hats and bibs, to tops and bottoms.

When we went shopping we noticed straight away how their items weren’t separated into categories of “boys” and “girls”. I loved this, especially as it’s something you don’t often see. It’s such a small move, but something that means a lot to us.

After choosing what we liked, it wasn’t long until the items arrived! When we/T tried the leggings out, I was instantly impressed with how soft they were. Made of a gentle wool, they have been perfect in this horrid weather, keeping his legs warm but not sweaty. The material is also stretchy, which makes any movement easy (when T does move).

Their sizing is also very generous, and every pair come with something fun on the the toosh, which makes tummy time even cuter.



We were given two pairs of Blade & Rose leggings for the purpose of a review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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