T’s Favourite Books Right Now (Childrens Book Week)

Every year, schools and libraries get involved with Childrens Book Week to encourage children (and their parents) to celebrate books and enjoy the pleasure that is reading.

We’ve been reading to T since he was born, with touchy feeling books being a firm favourite, however pop up books and books that have bright colours are also moving to the top of his list.

As T’s parents, we also enjoy the act of reading to him – often taking books everywhere with us. It gives us time to have a cuddle, not to mention work those brain cells! We really hope that by reading to him from an early age that T will have a genuine love of books and reading.

Here are a few of his favourites…

That’s Not My…

We started collecting these early on as we really liked the touchy feely bits within the book, as well as the way it encourages children to describe things. T’s favourites are probably …Train, …Dinosaur, and …Puppy.

Where’s Spot?

Who DIDN’T have this as a child? I know I did. Spot is a simple lift up flap book about Sally (Spot’s mum) who goes looking for Spot who’s late for dinner. Full of suspense and mystery (sort of), T loves waiting for me to say “No” in different voices whilst looking for Spot.

The Hungry Caterpillar.

Although T doesn’t often sit with us until the end of the book, he really enjoys looking at the pretty artwork inside, and helping us turn the pages.

Dear Zoo. 

Another blast from the past, this book also encourages the use of adjectives. I’ve always liked this book, and thankfully so does T. We often expand on the book and encourage T to make the different animal noises.

The Busy Bookshop. 

A new one on us, the busy book shop is quite a short book, but is really interactive at the same time.

With wheels to turn the pictures within the book, and levers to make items pop up, it’s a really fun book to enjoy together.

And a few of ours…

This is not a Book.

This is one of my all time favourites.

A clever book with no words, just images using the spine of the book. From a fridge to a tennis court.

I wish I’d bought this book a lot sooner.

Funny Bones

Anyone else remember performing this at school? Just my school then?

I love Funny Bones. Its descriptive and fun, and if you look deeper into it (like I often do) there’s no mention whether the big skeletons are mummies or daddies, brothers or sisters. I really like this.

Goodnight Moon. 

An absolute classic for bedtimes, we often read this to T before bed and then encourage him to say ‘night night’ to things.

(There’s also a funny spoof version of this book called ‘Goodnight Mr. Darcy’. I recommend giving this one a go too).

What are your favourite books at the moment? Are you celebrating #ChildrensBookWeek?

2 thoughts on “T’s Favourite Books Right Now (Childrens Book Week)

  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    Oh Spot was a favourite in our house for AGES and they still like Dear Zoo now! I like the look of This Is Not A Book, sounds really interesting. I never got past the amusement factor of the That’s Not My… books – once I’d realised there was a book called That’s Not My Fairy there was no going back on the giggles that ensued every time I saw a book from that series. So inappropriate!

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