T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar 2017 – Week Three

With only 4 more sleeps until Christmas, December has officially flown by. T’s crate is now almost empty and we’re undecided whether to keep the crate out for the year and find toys or books to keep in it, or dedicate it just for the book advent.


His last book advent, on Christmas Eve, will have an extra gift tucked alongside the book – keep an eye out for next week’s post to see what we’ve included. If you missed last week, you can find this here.

Here’s what T found in his book advent this week:

Friday 15th December

Master Money the Millionaire by Ahlberg & Amstutz


Here we meet one of the richest (and kindest) boy in town after he finds some treasure on the beach, but a family of crooks changes that and shows everyone what’s more important in life.

Saturday 16th December

Tip Tap Went the Crab by Tim Hopgood

This story is about a curious little crab and her adventures outside of the rock pools. Follow her expedition as she encounters lots of new creatures.

Sunday 17th December

Miss Dirt the Dustmans Daughter by Ahlberg & Ross

Daisy Dirt’s dad is the local dustman, but her mum married the Duke. Poor Daisy doesn’t know whether she’s rich or poor – until everything changes around her.

Monday 18th December

The Bravest Ever Bear by Allan Ahlberg & Paul Howard

This story within a story is about a funny little bear who thinks he’s a hero. Or maybe a penguin. Or a sausage. It has princesses and sausages, trolls and wolves. Everything anyone could possibly want from a story.

Tuesday 19th December

Mrs Lather’s Laundry by Ahlberg & Amstutz

Mrs Lather HATES washing. So when a peculiar character brings in some peculiar washing Mrs Lather has to work out how she’s going to get the job done.

Wednesday 20th December

Mr Biff the Boxer by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

Billy and Betty Biff toughen up their dad for his big fight against the very fit Mr. Bop!

Thursday 21st December

Bright Stanley by Matt Buckingham

One morning, Bright Stanley wakes to find his home town very quiet. Follow the story as the brightest fish in the sea travels to find his shoal, through many obstacles, meeting plenty of characters along the way

Week 3! Done. One more week (almost) to go!

If you’re thinking of doing a book advent, I’m going to be including a few tips and ideas in next week’s post to help create your own one.

If you’ve already done a book advent, what books have you collected so far?

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