10 Little Things That Make Me Happy

This week, the lovely Lauren from Scrapbook Blog tagged me in their ‘Ten Little Things That Make Me Happy’ post, asking me to share my ten little things. International Day of Happiness has been and gone now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate what makes me happy.

It goes without saying that my family make me smile from ear to ear. They’re why I go to work (in a good way!). They’re what I think about during the day. So I won’t do the obvious and add them to the list to remind me (or you) that they make me beam.

Ten things…

1) Freshly Baked Bread.

2) The smell of a new book.

3) The crack a new book makes at the spine.

4) Freshly brewed coffee.

5) Accidental farting when it surprises even the fartee. (I’m childish, I know).

6) The way ducks waddle.

7) Putting a USB stick in right the first time.

8) The smell after its rained.

9) Hearing new words from the toddler (ok, I couldn’t resist one thing from the family).

10) Authentic Thai Food.

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What makes you happy?

6 thoughts on “10 Little Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Lucy Melissa Smith says:

    Thank you for the tag! Number 5 made me giggle because that’s Mike all over. He startles himself and ends up in fits of giggles for ages. He’s one of those saddos who will remember later on in the day and have an extra little chuckle to himself too!

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