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Pretty early on in my pregnancy I decided to get something to help me lay on my side. As a tummy sleeper I knew that pregnancy would soon stop that and I would have to sleep on my side. I really hate sleeping on my side – I find it uncomfortable and I always seem to get a crick in my neck. I rarely stay on my side if I start there so I needed to find something to keep me there.

I wanted to review this a while ago but wanted to wait until bump was probably at it’s biggest to see if my opinion on it changed.

Looking at all the choices when it comes to pregnancy pillows, I was really stumped as to what one to get – especially when they all seem to advertise the same benefits. You have ones that look like giant sausages, ones that look like boomerangs, and ones that have a number 9 figure.

There was so much choice – something that I’m impressed with, however it didn’t make my decision any easier.

I ended up choosing the Dreamgenii because unlike basic to body pillows, or the ones that look like a giant sausages, it had a smaller pillow attached that sat as a wedge behind your back to keep you from rolling backwards – something else I was worried about.


What I like about the Dreamgenii in comparison to the full body pillows pictured above is that you get the feeling that you have two separate pillows due to the thin piece of cloth that holds the two together. If I had got one of the above I don’t think I would have liked having a thick pillow wrapped all the way around me whether wrapping round via my neck (as a pillow) as my arms would get in the way, or underneath me (through my legs). I also wanted something to support my back without having to grab a cushion or extra pillow. The Dreamgenii still goes through my legs as a support for my knees and hips but it doesn’t go all the way round to my backside.

I wanted to try and remain as if I was sleeping normally on my side without having to prepare this almighty tool every night or have something that would get in the way. The Dreamgenii sits nicely against my chest and bump area, supporting bump as well but without my arms getting in the way as they often sit under my pillow.

One of the added benefits of the Dreamgenii that I’ve only just found out recently is that if I want to turn over in the night (which I do often), I don’t actually have to get out of bed and turn the whole pillow over so that the long bit is still against my front. I can use the small back pillow as the bump support instead and use the long bit as the back support and simply wrap the pillow back through my legs but from behind instead from the front. I found this really useful and efficient.

Other benefits include a cover that can be removed for washing and the fact that it can be used as a nursing pillow as well.

Price-wise, it’s a mid-range pillow. I think we ended up paying around £40 for the pillow. You can get cheaper pillows, but you can definitely get a lot more expensive ones. I knew I would use it everyday and probably after birth so I didn’t mind paying that little bit extra – I would definitely get the most out of it – and especially as I’m quite specific when it comes to my sleep.

I really like the Dreamgenii and actually can’t find a fault with it. It does what it says on the packaging and if anything, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with it. I thought the pillows would eventually flatten with my heavy ass rolling on every night it but they haven’t, they’re still good as new. The fabric is quite tough, again something I thought would perish overtime or if I caught it on some clothing.

It’ll either work for you or it won’t, it really does depend on your personal preference.


*We purchased the Dreamgenii with our own money and not for the purpose of any review. We have reviewed this for the purpose of assisting others with their purchase and letting others know what we like, however are not experts when it comes to sleeping tools and advise to seek professional advice if you have concerns.


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    • lesbemums says:

      I’m so glad it’s not just me – my hips hurt so bad and now I’m getting cramp almost every night. Sucks.

      Really enjoyed pregnancy, but looking forward to getting my body back. Lol.

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