When Dog and Toddler Collide

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Kate Everall

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  1. Funny that you wrote about this as M and I were discussing having pets with a pregnant friend recently. We went through the “if you’re tired enough, you may want to get rid of your pet. Try your absolute hardest to ignore that urge and crack on – assuming there aren’t allergies/aggression etc.”

    Totti, for instance, being the cheeky lil so&so he is, marked on P’s stuff when she first came home. Her buggy, mattress, cot, you name it. SO MUCH WHITE VINEGAR. Our apartment smelled like a fish and chips shop. But, he got over it. Even the vet (a father of 3 kids) said each time they brought a baby home, their cat would mark for a month or two and then get over it. Now, Totti loves P. He follows her around and tolerates her nonsense all the time. George is deaf so he can’t hear her coming, but usually goes to higher ground and just watches the excitement. They’re both older cats, too, they’ll be 11 this year, but they’ve handled the change wonderfully and seem to enjoy her. 🙂

    1. Blimey. That sounds like a nightmare. I love chips but I don’t think I could handle vinegar all the time!

      We’ve thankfully never had a problem with Oscar marking but that’s not to say we haven’t kept an eye out for it. I think we’ve been one of the lucky one.

      Thank you for commenting – it’s really interesting to hear about other experiences.

  2. We have a basset hound that the children love dearly. Molly is like a sister to my kids and they adore her… sadly she is almost twelve years old and I am very aware our time is limited. I dread that day…

    1. Oh gosh. I can’t imagine dealing with that – especially with children who are very aware.

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