The Babbleband – A Wearable Baby Monitor (Review) [AD]

Ever since T was little I have always been the one to forget T’s monitor. It’s usually because I’ve spent so long getting him down that I want to get downstairs to finish my wine juice. This often results in going back upstairs (think of the calories) and collecting said monitor.

If my pyjamas (I’m not going to lie, they come on as soon it’s 7pm) don’t have pockets then I will most definitely pick it up and then put it down somewhere else around the house. It’s only when T starts grumbling or it runs out of batteries that we then find the monitor!

The babbleband

The Babbleband is a first of it’s kind. A wearable baby monitor, launched in June 2016, that comfortably sits on your wrist so you can get on with things such as exercise, gardening, or simply sitting on your backside without a monitor digging into your thigh or calling you from the across the room because you’ve forgotten it. Again.


  • Soft silicone wristband that adjusts to fit both parents comfortably.
  • 3 monitoring modes: audio and lights, sound lights only, and vibration and lights.
  • Baby unit audio transmitter doubles as recharging base for band.
  • Range up to 600-ft / 240m
  • Rechargeable battery, with up to 8-10 hours of continuous use.

When we first received The Babbleband we immediately noticed how light the device was (even when the wristband was attached) so we were keen to test it out as we were convinced sound would either be of poor quality or battery life simply wouldn’t last.

How wrong were we…

On the first night we were frightened out of our skin after T banged his foot on the sidebars of his cot – it sounded as if his cot was in the room with us. We soon quickly realised the volume was up too high! Comparing this monitor to our current one, we really like that you don’t need to make sure the volume is up to the max setting just to hear your child.

When your baby makes a sound the transmitter opens the frequency to your wristband and remains open until you press the button on the side to close it again. If you wish to open the frequency yourself simply place your finger on the centre button. The transmitter opens until you release your finger. There’s also the optional vibration-mode that also allows wearers to “feel” when baby makes a noise, which is perfect for those that are hard of hearing!

I don’t like watches…

As someone who doesn’t wear a watch I did wonder how I could get on with this product, but because the wristband is made of light silicone I barely feel the watch when I’m wearing it. The clasps are easily adjustable and can fit even the fattest of wrists (ie. mine!)

We’ve been testing The Babbleband out for around a month and so far we’re really impressed. The battery life lasts the night next to us, at which point we take the wristband back to it’s charging station in his room. The charging station isn’t an eyesore and can sit neatly in any nursery.

I’m looking forward to testing out the range in the summer. Unfortunately we haven’t had an opportunity to really test it out bar popping out to the car (although its still worked perfectly). We’re also hoping to take the device on holiday/camping with us so we can enjoy a few drinks outside the tent whilst T sleeps.

Summer cannot come sooner so I can relax in the garden with a book whilst T naps blissfully upstairs, but without the realisation I’ve left the monitor upstairs in the bathroom!


We were sent The Babbleband for the purpose of a review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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