A Rainbow Themed Gift Guide

I’m not really sure what came first in my life, the love of women or the love of Rainbows. Either way, both make me incredibly happy and with Pride season on it’s way I now have the perfect excuse to top up our collection of Rainbow goodies in the house.

Over the past decade I’ve collected an array of rainbow themed goodies; from flags to socks, and that didn’t change when our son came along. If, like me, you’re a fan of a rainbow or two, I’ve created the perfect little gift guide to help you a long the way to building your own unique collection. 

Presents & Toys

Just have a quick google and you will find a huge collection of ‘Rainbow Themed’ gifts, but my personal favourites are ones that can be placed around the home subtly. Last year, we bought a wooden Grimms Rainbow, and although we often play with it with T, it also works perfectly as an ornament on our book cabinet! Other ideas include, Rainbow Bunting, or Rainbow lighting from Cable & Cotton, or a traditional Rainbow Xylophone from Fisher Price! I recently found this gorgeous piece over on instagram and love it.

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There are tons of Rainbow themed experiences online, from Rainbow-themed messy play and parties, to actual rainbow weddings!

Last month, Tinggly – a global online gift buying service – launched their own Rainbow Wedding gift box which allows you to select the perfect gift or experience for the happy (rainbow) couple.; from horseback riding in Tuscany to Pizza making in Rome. It’s such a unique gift!


If you’re a regular visitor of instagram you’ll see that an up and coming trend is to turn your boring bookshelf into a work of art through the power of colour. I love this idea. Using books as a pallet, I’ve seen some amazing creations that have really turned a simple lounge into something stunningly vibrant.

Aside from the physical look of the books, there are also a number of rainbow themed books out there. We’re currently looking through the ‘Rainbow Bakes‘ book which gives you ideas on all things ‘Rainbow Food’ (see below for more Rainbow Food ideas). We also love reading Elmer, which is a story about a Rainbow coloured elephant, and one of many Rainbow themed children’s books out there.


Two years ago, I started Bullet Journalling as a way to relax. I found it was a great way to unwind and declutter my brain, and over the past few months it’s been incredibly therapeutic to colour in new pages and try our new stationery. With this, it’s a no-brainer that I was going to get some colourful stationery to make my pages even brighter.

At the moment, my favourite pieces are my rainbow Washi Tape, my watercolour pens, and my ‘Pride’ pencilsbut we’re also fond of our Rainbow Notepad from Paperchase for writing into our ‘Positive Jar’


I’m a sucker for colourful food. If it looks good on the plate it’s going to taste good. I just know it. So if the food I’m presented with is Rainbow themed I’m going to straight in there. Pinterest is a fantastic resource for ideas, and my favourites come from party ideas. From lolly pops, ice pops and fruit kebabs, to layered cakes, doughnuts, and pancakes – almost everything, including pasta (!) – can be turned into a rainbow.

So there’s my (very) quick guide to collecting rainbow-themed goodies, if you have some ideas, pop them down below! 

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels
Photo by Sydney Troxell from Pexels
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

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