Adverts Doing It Right for The LGBT Community 

If you’re not part of the LGBT community you probably don’t think twice when you see an advert showing a mother and father bathing their baby, or when you a see a girl and a boy embracing in a film. But I do. Not all the time, that would just be weird, but more often than a straight person probably does.

See, for every straight couple I see in an advert I see one less gay person being represented.

This point is made more poignant now that T is around. It’s going to be a long time before he notices this stuff, however the thought of him not seeing families like us on TV or in a film and wondering why breaks my heart.

So when I was out shopping the other day, I couldn’t help but notice this…

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The Bullet Journal Diaries: My Kit

Before I started my bullet journal I was quite lucky to already own a large collection of stationery. Pens and pencils were in their dozens, and I already had odd bits of kit like a ruler and a compass. I still, however, wanted to get some brand new items to start a fresh – not that I really need an excuse to buy more stationery.

I’m not an expert, but here’s what my bullet journal kit looks like incase you fancied giving it a go. I haven’t had to add anything along the way, and I’ve used everything in this list so far.

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The Person Behind the Parent. 

It goes without saying that before you became a parent you had your own life. Your own personality. You went to the cinema or to the gym. Cooked or made craft. Read books or comics. You name it.  Your personality shone through in the things that you liked to do. You had the freedom to get involved with something without a second thought of childcare or simply how tired you were.

It’s inevitable that when you become a parent, those things will fall to the wayside…

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Misunderstanding a Toddler – Vol. 1. 

Steps and swallowing solids aside, talking is by far one of the most exciting milestones to date. I’m loving the fact that T understands (most of) what I say, and can often tell me what he wants (as long as I go through a list of 10 or so items first). I’m really enjoying listening to this toddler talk/little babbles, as well as watching him try and tell me something.

There are a huge amount of words T can now say; he can request water, for ‘more’ or tell us ‘no more’ when it comes to mealtimes, for his ball or for ‘choo choo’ (which is either TV or Thomas the Tank Engine). He tells us ‘NO!’ and give us various animal noises. T also understands when I’m asking for a particular vehicle or when I’m asking him to pick up his damn water bottle (again).
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The Bullet Journal Diaries: The Beginning

The tail end of last year, I found out about a thing called a ‘Bullet Journal’. I was completely oblivious to it and had no idea what it was until I started looking at examples on Pinterest and Instagram.

I’ve always enjoyed planning and making lists. It makes me feel organised and less cluttered upstairs. I have enough going on up in my head without to-do lists and reminders clogging up the paths. For me, I need to get stuff out of my head and onto paper.

To combat this, I have always had a diary and an endless supply of post-it notes, so when I started looking at various Bullet Journals I was blown away.
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