10 Things About Babymule You Probably Didn’t Know About (& Giveaway!)

Although T is no longer a baby, I always still take a changing bag with me when we go out. Where there used to be SEVERAL items of clothing in the bag, there’s now two tops max and a change of trousers. A handful of toys have been replaced with a few books and one toy, and I no longer need change of top for me (I’ve said it now!).

This is not to say I’m packing any lighter – if anything it’s the same, if not heavier, now that the snacks and bottles of water take up most of the room, as well as clothing for all weathers. T no longer requires his buggy so that extra storage space I once had now has to fit on my back!

To cope with our demands, we still very much rely on our Babymule changing bag. It’s the tardis of changing bags and I have yet to reach a point in packing where I’ve had to sacrifice one thing for another. If I need it, it’s going in! If anything, I often forget about a compartment and wonder what that smell is months later (it’s usually a fermented packet of raisins!)

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A Micro Scooter Adventure: Our Favourite Places to Ride (& Giveaway)!

Last year, we immersed ourselves into the world of adult scooting as part of our new role as Micro Scooter Ambassadors. For the past year, Sharon has been using the Micro Classic Scooter to get to work as well on days out when the terrain is safe to do so. Before the scooter, Sharon would get the bus straight to her destination, whereas now Sharon get’s off a few stops early and rides the rest of the way!

One of her favourite activities to do with the scooter is ride on ahead of us, complete a 180 turn, and the ride back towards us as fast as she can – it’s like she’s a child again, but this time with an awesome ride! She is loving the thrill of the ride as well as the calories it burns!

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Days Out: Go Ape, Tilgate Park, Crawley

When was the last time you did something for yourself whilst also taking on one of your biggest fears? No. I’m not talking about the under-stair cupboard or the bathroom. I’m talking about doing something REALLY exciting and adventurous. Something you’ve never dreamt of doing. For me and Sharon, we did exactly this last weekend at Go Ape, Crawley.

Although I’ve done abseiling before, and Sharon a number of aerial slides in her time, neither of us have ever done a Go Ape course before – although we’d heard lots about it! Located in the midst of the gorgeous Tilgate Park, West Sussex – half an hour away from Brighton – it’s one of over 30 locations across the country.

When we’ve talked about Go Ape before or heard that friends had done it, it always sounded like fun. But there was always something that put us off. Whether it was our fitness or the fact that it was COMPLETELY out of our comfort range. It’s not so much the height that we were apprehensive about, it’s the falling that made us wuss out!

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A Micro Scooter Adventure: The Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter with LED Lights {Review}

When Sharon and I became Micro Scooter Ambassadors last year, we tested out the Adult Micro Classic Scooter as part of our role. Scooting shouldn’t be just for children, and Micro Scooter have made that possible. Sharon uses hers to not only finish off the rest of her commute to work after a short bus journey during the week, but she also takes it out on weekends when we go out for long walks, or if she needs to pop to the shop. Sharon absolutely adores the scooter and it’s brilliant exercise too!

Even though T had a balance bike, very quickly did he want to give mama’s scooter a go – seeing as she was having so much fun on it – however it was obviously way too big. So temporarily we got him his own scooter to keep up, however the one we got just wasn’t good enough so we remained with the one scooter. The winter soon came round anyway, which meant it was time to hang up the handlebars for another season.

This year, the folks at Micro Scooter released their new range of scooters and invited us, well, T, to try out their new Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter with added LED Lights. Which was perfect timing as Sharon has recently started scooting again (although this was put on hold for a few weeks due to the snow!).

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‘Just’ The One

This week, my friend Tom wrote a fantastic post about his reasoning behind why him and his husband are sticking to one child, and it got me thinking about my experiences and how it’s unlikely we will ever have another.

When we first started our parenting journey, our aim was always for the one baby. For us, it would have been greedy and somewhat optimistic to even contemplate having more than one when we hadn’t even been successful with one yet. At one point, we didn’t know whether one would even be possible.

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