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I can’t believe it’s already been over a week since Camp Bestival! Although I’ve just about finished washing all our post-camping clothes, the tan lines are very much in existence (including some impressive panda eyes that I’ve adopted) and I haven’t quite got used to visiting the fridge for food once again (as opposed to a cool-box!)

Now that the buzz has (sort of) worn off, it’s not surprising that our four year old is now asking when he can go back to Camp Bestival – instead of asking when he can go to school. I have a feeling it’s going to be a looooong year until Camp Bestival 2020.

Although Online Tramadol Overnight, we haven’t really gone into detail about our highlights; from our favourite food vendors to our unforgettable moments. So without further ado here’s a quick run down:

Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk

Tramadol Online Best Price

Getting around a festival with small children can be quite difficult when the festival itself is quite spacious, especially if you find that you’re having to travel from one end to the other to catch a show or talk in a small amount of time. Not only that, if you’re planning on staying out past your little ones bedtime you might want to think about turning your wagon into a makeshift bed so you can still enjoy the night time activities.

With the help of some ear defenders, a cozy base, and a thick blanket, T often took himself off to “bed” and was usually out for the count by 9pm during the past few Camp Bestivals.¬†Having a wagon takes a lot of stress out of the festival and it means their little legs can be reserved for more important things like tree climbing or dancing!

This year, we were lucky enough to be sent a wagon by Micro Scooters (you know, the guys who also do scooters!) as our wagon recently went to Wagon heaven after being given a hard time last year. We were really excited to give it a try as we cannot fault their scooters, so we were curious as to what their wagons would be like.

Online Tramadol Australia

Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery

Camp Bestival 2019 is now our third year attending the festival, and I’m going to put it out there straight away and say that it was the best one yet. The weather, obviously, helped loads, but looking back at the programme from this year I am confident to say that even if it had rained it would have still been an incredible one.

T was under two when he attended Tramadol Online For Dogs, and now at the ripe old age of four with three Camp Bestivals under his belt I am delighted to see how he’s grown with the festival already. Each year whilst we’re driving to the festival (and lets face it, and several weeks before!) he’s telling us what food he’s going to eat, who he’s going to see, and what he’s going to play with. I love watching the excitement grow in his eyes the closer we get to the camp site.

For the last two years we’ve been incredibly lucky to be part of Camp Bestival’s blogger team, however even if this was not the case we would absolutely make Camp Bestival a part of our summer. It’s an experience like no other and worth every penny. If you haven’t been following us over on Order Tramadol Online Us – where most of the Camp Bestival spam has been appearing – he’s what we got up to over the weekend.

Tramadol Cheap Uk

Tramadol Bula Anvisa

One of the biggest challenges for a festival is to remain environmentally aware. With thousands upon thousands of attendees, often bringing one-use plastic tents and plastic bottles, changes often need to be made elsewhere to make sure a festival isn’t having a detrimental effect on the planet.

Using Camp Bestival as an example, they work really hard in making the festival environmentally friendly as possible. From compost toilets in the main festival area to recycling points in all the camp sites, they regularly encourage you to do your bit when attending the festival. In addition, they invite organisations such as Tramadol Online Ireland – who offer unlimited water refills and reusable water storage options (whilst also supporting a number of charities) – and the Tramadol Cheapest for those travelling from London.

With this in mind, and to make it easier on festival organisers, Tramadol Online Prescription Uk by bringing things with us that are re-usable and/or recyclable – or not at all – starting with our tent and ending with the way we dispose of any rubbish.

Here are our tips:

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Tramadol Online Order Cheap

This week, the BBC aired a short documentary about the recent protests outside schools in Birmingham, whereby parents – from primarily Muslim background – are protesting about children being taught about different families and relationships; including but not exclusive to LGBTQ families.

The programme was a difficult watch, and for me, as someone who is now so used to ignorance and hatred, the most challenging part was watching how staff members at the schools involved are dealing with this. These protests are now happening daily and they don’t appear to be stopping, despite so-called injunctions now being in place at certain schools.

The lessons – also under the name of the ‘No Outsiders’ project – were even recently halted to allow various groups the opportunity to share their “views” and consult with teaching staff, however no sooner after the lessons were re-introduced, after the consultation, the protests began again.

I wish I could predict lottery numbers as well as the way I can predict the actions of bigots and the ignorant. I’d be rich before I knew it.¬†

But the thing is, a common pattern throughout these protests is the information (or more-so, MIS-information) being fed to parents about the lessons, and as we all know; ignorance stems from fear. Fear of the unknown. On top of that, you also have deep-rooted homophobia which is being covered up as religious freedom and legitimate debate (It’s not. It’s just homophobia).

So with this in mind, here’s my guide to what these lessons are actually all about.

Let’s start at the beginning:

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