Days Out: Petworth House, West Sussex

Last year, we managed to squeeze in one last National Trust visit for the year and decided to visit Petworth for the first time.

A little bit further than our usual locations, although still only 30-45 minutes away from Brighton, we arrived on a rather rainy day. But seeing as we’re no fair-weather parents, we put our wellies and parkas on and went exploring. You’d be surprised how lovely some locations can be; even in the winter. Plus! They’re often a lot quieter too!

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18 Goals for 2018

Last week, I was tagged by the lovely Alex from Lamb & Bear to take part in the ’18 Goals for 2018′ challenge. I don’t do New Year Resolutions as I find there’s too much pressure to complete them before you’ve even started – meaning they’re often a chore, and a Bucket List is often associated with your dying wishes – although I have written one in the past – and I don’t think one of those is required just yet!

So with this in mind, I thought I’d take part in a less pressured challenge to set myself 18 goals or ‘aims’ for me to complete or think about in 2018. The catch is, is that they don’t have to have an end if you don’t want them to, they can be a behaviour change or a change in your home, something personal to you or for someone else.

If you fancy joining in, please do, just let us know in the comments so we can see what your goals are!

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From Weaning to Potty Training with Oxo Tot {Review}

Turning your little baby into a fully fledged human is a never ending journey, starting with weaning at 6 months to getting them to use the potty between the age of 2 and 3 (telling you when they need to use it, however, is a different story!). Raising a child is a constant, but rewarding (in the end), challenge and if I can find items to make things easier then I’m all for that.

At the moment, we’re currently in the midst of potty training so decided to purchase a travel potty from Oxo Tot as we liked the design. Following on from this, we were then invited to test out a range of other products by Oxo Tot to assist not only with T’s potty training but with his appetite too!

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Our 2017

This is year has to be one of our busiest yet. I thought having a new born and then a young baby kept me busy enough, but a toddler is a whole different experience entirely. 2017 has absolutely flown by, and to compare 2017 to 2016 I can’t believe how we’ve managed to fit it all in!

Ignoring the negatives for just one second, I’d like to recap over our year by joining in with Lauren over at Scrapbook Blog as part of their ‘Share Your Year’ linky.

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Out and About with Regatta Outdoors {Review}

Just like any small child, it’s rare that I get it right when it comes to outdoor attire. I either don’t wear enough, or I wear too much. The summer is easy, I just stick my shorts on and I’m happy – it often takes me a good few weeks after the summer has ended to finally get me out of my shorts! The winter, however, is another story.

On top of never getting the layers right, I’ve never had a sensible winter coat.

I caved last year and got myself a rain coat, after coming home from a dog walk looking like a drowned rat, but this only protected me from, you guessed it, the rain. I was still cold, and as mentioned before, I hate being cold. I may be getting better with layers (eventually) but they don’t protect you from the elements!

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T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar – Week Four & Ideas to Create Your Own!

Christmas has now come and gone, which means T’s book advent has come to a close. This was our first year of doing a book advent after first hearing about it from Al at The Dad Network, and I must say it was really fun.

I really enjoyed us reading T a new book every night, and T was just happy to get a piece of chocolate every night! On his last night, Christmas Eve, we even added an extra special gift to his present – pyjamas!

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