Returning to work: What I’m looking forward to. 

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  1. Loved this! There are some positives about working away from baby. I did not cope, and still don’t cope, well at all when I returned to work. I think it makes it easier if you go back to a job you enjoy or you work in a field you’re passionate about. I, for one, didn’t like my job before my son was born and I despise it now. It sounds like you will have an easier transition though! Good luck & enjoy your mom time 🙂

    1. Kate Everall says:

      I’m sorry you had this experience going back to work. I definitely think there’s a link to what you’re going back to. I don’t dislike my job, but there are certainly things I’d rather be doing. I think my feeling are spurred on at the moment because we’re in the midst of a really bad bout of teething, so i’m ready to be apart right now (which sounds awful, I know). Ask me again when it’s all over, or when T cries out for be, and I may give you a different answer. 🙂

      I hope things get better for you, I’m told it’s easier for them than us!

  2. I have been surprised to fine that there are aspects to being a working mama that I do like. With both my kids I hated having to return to work, but I found a lot of good things. Most of them are things you mention. I remember when I first returned to work after my first child was born that I felt like I could get so much done. It was amazing how much I could do when I had 2 hands for a full 8 hours. And you are right that missing them is hard, but also a bonus. I am fortunate that both of my kids have enjoyed daycare too. They like the structure and the other kids especially. I find that on days when I don’t have to be at work as early as usual I still drop my youngest off at daycare at the same time because that keeps her on her usual schedule. Same when my older child was small. A benefit of being a working mama with more than one kid is that it allows special time with just one kid at a time. As I said on mornings I don’t have to be at work as early I still drop the toddler at daycare at her regular time, but my older daughter is old enough to appreciate that we can drop off her sister and just the 2 of us can get breakfast together.
    I often remind myself that you can never have too many children that love your child, and my childcare providers do love my kids. Another benefit of being a working mama, they learn to do a lot for themselves that I would not have thought they were capable of at that early age, like cleaning up their place at the table or washing their own hands, because the daycare is all set up for them to be able to do more on their own and they see what the other kids do and want to be able to do it too.

    1. Kate Everall says:

      Wow. This is great, exactly what I like to read/hear!

      I was left alone for a few hours the other day and what would normally take me a few hours, took half the time because a) I didn’t have T and b) I move ten times faster now that I have kids. It’s a win win.

      I’m really hoping T reaps the benefit of nursery; socially and academically. I’m sure there are things I wouldn’t be able to teach him as I don’t have what it takes or don’t realise I should be teaching that. I’m looking forward to seeing what he picks up.

      Thanks for sharing. X

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