Mother of all Questions. 

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Kate Everall

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  1. Sarah Rooftops says:

    Gaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! People are so rude! I only know a couple of families with same sex parents and there *are* things I wonder about which are specific to lesbian couples BUT I don’t think they’re any of my business – if you want me to know the details of how you made certain decisions and why, you’ll tell me (or blog about it); otherwise, I’ll have to live without answers. Likewise, it was nobody’s business but mine and Steve’s why we hadn’t had a baby yet – a particularly hard question to be asked after our miscarriage. And it’s nobody’s business but mine and Steve’s (and possibly Matilda’s) whether we’ll have any more (yep, getting asked this a lot right now). Why do people think other people’s families are open for discussion? WHY?!?!?!?! (you might have touched some sore points there)

  2. Plutonium Sox says:

    Oh you’re so right, people do just ask the most inappropriate things don’t they?? For us it’s always the question addressed to my husband – are you going to try for a boy? No. F off.

  3. I hate this question. We’re not planning on having a second, and people are always trying to tell me why we NEED two. Um–no. I was an only child and I did just fine!

    1. Kate Everall says:

      Oh god! Yes. I had a sister and constantly fought – there’s my argument for one! Haha!

  4. They waited for a year. My in laws were asking a few days after he was born!

  5. We were asked this question by the midwife on our day 1 visit ! lol!

    1. What?! That’s awful! They of all people should know better, even if it was a joke.

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