Mama’s Day

Despite S not wanting to make a fuss, we decided early on, before becoming parents, that she would always have a special day to herself that would celebrate how amazing she is click this site

We also wanted to make sure T had a day to make cards and gifts for me as well as S, but not on the same day. We wanted to spoil each other separately. 

Last year, we celebrated Mama’s Day on Fathers Day. At the time it seemed the only logical option, we even thought about it from T’s point of view; such as when T would be making cards at nursery – we wouldn’t want him to feel awkward on Father’s Day. But there was still something we didn’t like about it. Fathers and Mamas were similar, right? Wrong. S isn’t a Father. She’s a Mama. So why were we celebrating her day on Father’s Day? It didn’t seem right for us no matter how much we tried.  

Being part of such a diverse community means that this set up may work for others, and that’s great! Other same sex couples even share the one day so that Mother’s Day becomes Mothers’ Day. This is what I love about it. There’s no “right” way. Even though it can be tricky buying the right card, we still have the opportunity at the moment to tailor the day to how we like it. On this occasion though, Father’s Day just didn’t work for us. 

Shortly after Father’s Day, someone suggested a Mother’s weekend whereby S would have the Saturday and I would have the Sunday. This sounded perfect. This way means S can have her own day and I (T) wouldn’t have to remember to save a separate card around Mother’s Day to then give at a later stage like he had to on Father’s Day. 

It’s a shame that we have to have these conversations, but unfortunately the world hasn’t caught up yet despite the fact that it’s not a new thing for same sex couples have children. 

So whether you celebrate Mother’s Day, Mothers’ Day or Mama’s Day, celebrate it on the Saturday or the Sunday, or celebrate it at a completely different time of the year, we want to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day. 



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  1. Donna says:

    I hope you both have a wonderful weekend. I remember Kirsty and Clara writing about this same thing last year – or maybe the year before – and it is something I had never thought about before. I love that you have your own day each though, you’re right, you should both have a special day and both be recognised as Mummy and Mama x

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