LGBT History Month – Featured Families: MummyMumma

Flowing nicely into our fifth featured family is Katie and Kirsty from MummyMumma. Katie and Kirsty are new in our blogroll list but we’re so glad that we do follow them, it’s a treat reading about their son Joseph.

What I’m loving the most about this feature is the variety in where our families come from. Our previous family were from Austrailia, now it’s Scotland!

Who are you?

We are Katie (30) and Kirsty (32) and we live in Glasgow, Scotland.

How long have you been together?

We have been together for 6 years – lived together for 5 and a half, been engaged for 2 and been parents for almost 1.

Where did you meet?

We met in a gay club in Glasgow. We chatted and swapped numbers then met a couple of days later for a drink. Pretty much from that day on we have been inseparable!!

Do you have any children?

We have one gorgeous baby boy, Joseph, who was born 10th February 2015. Katie carried Joseph, who was conceived after our first round of IVF at a private clinic, using donor sperm.

What’s the best thing about being a parent / becoming a parent?

Kirsty – For me, the best thing about the whole process of becoming parent was creating a life with the person I love.

Katie – watching Joseph change and grow and learn new things is completely magical. He surprises me every single day and I can’t believe that Kirsty and I made him! I am so proud of him and I am excited to see the person he becomes. The unconditional, all-consuming love I have for him overwhelms me on a daily basis and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What challenges, if any, have you faced as a same-sex family? / What challenges are you afraid of?

Since starting the whole process, we have been faced with a lot of questions. We have always been very open with anyone who asks, but the “so who’s the father? What does he look like?” questions can get tiring. Some people feel that they can to ask us very intimate and personal questions and it still amazes me how many people refer to our donor as Joseph’s “dad” !! Luckily, we have mostly been met with positivity when we discuss our family.

As parents, we are worried about the questions Joseph will face as he grows up and goes to school. We hope that we can give Joseph the confidence, identity and strength of mind to answer any questions without getting upset, offended or frustrated.

Has it been easy to teach your children about diversity? / How will you teach diversity?

We hope that diversity is not something we will need to teach. We hope that by surrounding Joseph with diversity in his everyday life; through books, friends, discussion, toys, etc, it will be something that does not need to be explicitly ‘taught’. Celebrating diversity is an important part of our family life.

What would be your message to a young person “coming out” today?

Coming out is tough. It can be messy and upsetting and sometimes seems never-ending. But it is something that you will get through!

Keep your head up, surround yourself with positivity and people who make you happy. You are part of an amazing community. Always, always be proud of who you are.

What would be your message to a couple starting out on the TTC journey?

Oh wow. Ok, the journey can be long and hard and emotional and so so draining. But with every low, there will be a high. With every tear of sadness, there will be a tear of overwhelming joy. It’s tough, but incredibly worth it in the end.

What does LGBT History mean to you?

For us, LGBT History month is a time to reflect. It is a time to remember and celebrate the people who have fought endlessly for the rights we enjoy today. It is also a time to realise that the fight is not over. We still have so far to go.

Where can we find you?

Twitter – @mummymumma

Instagram – @mummymumma1

Blog –

This post is part of a month long celebration for LGBT history month. If you’d like to get involved, tweet using the hashtag #LGBTHM or find one of your local LGBT groups on Facebook and find out how they’re celebrating LGBT History Month. 

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