Alone For The First Time

For the first time in 3 months me and S were alone. Albeit in a barbers, and I was getting ragey because there was only one barber working because the other barbers decided to go out the previous night and drink far too much, and there were two kids in front of us getting their hair cuts and telling god awful knock-knock jokes, but we were alone. It felt weird.

We had dropped T off at his nanas, my mum’s, because last time we went to get our hair cuts it was hit and miss whether T would wake up and need a feed, and I didn’t fancy feeding him underneath a hairdressing cloak or on top of the cloak with tons of hair dropping on him. It was also a good opportunity for a practise run (for us, not mum) of mum having T. It also meant we could have a morning to ourselves where we could do coupley stuff like drink coffee in booths that weren’t pram friendly, hold hands whilst walking side by side, and visit shops that don’t have ramps! It was amazing.

I think my biggest worry was the feeding. Although I had left 2 x 5oz feeds with mum I was worried it wouldn’t be enough or T suddenly wouldn’t take the bottle. But it was fine.

The biggest hiccup (although not really) was when a comical (for us) accident happened down below despite telling his nanas that it wasn’t due until Monday. That’ll teach me to drink orange juice! Thank god we packed him extra clothes!

In total we were gone a total of 4 hours. I probably would have gone back sooner if a) we didn’t live so far from the barbers meaning a wasted journey if we left and b) I didn’t desperately need a haircut.

After our haircuts we couldn’t resist popping into the local bookshop and getting a book (or two). They always have books I remember reading as a child, and they always stock ‘alternative family’ books which is always nice to see. The children’s section is in the basement of the shop and is a lovely cozy place with cushions everywhere to sit and read – I can’t wait to take T there.

I thought I would be upset or at least bothered at the thought of leaving T, as this was the first time I would have left him, or at least longer than the 20 minutes I usually take to walk the dog, but I wasn’t. Not at all. I know I wasn’t completely relaxed, as I was worried T would be bothered with me leaving and cry the whole time but he didn’t give a monkeys, not one bit – charming!



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