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  1. I have tongue tie and my mum didn’t breastfeed me for long either. Hoping our boy doesn’t get it but it’s good to hear that it is an easy fix if he is. I don’t like the idea of no numbing either – sure wouldn’t want mine cut with none 🙁

    1. It’s bizarre, isn’t it? It can be genetic, I’d be interested to know if our donor had one also to see if it came from me.
      I don’t think it hurts them as much at this stage as the skin is so thin… Still… Not a nice thought.

  2. anotherbun1 says:

    That is quite a tie – I’m surprised no one noticed before! Hope you can continue easily on your breastfeeding journey now!

    1. I agree! I thought they would have picked it up at the hospital when he was born. Perhaps it’s got bigger as he’s grown and was only recently noticeable?

  3. anotherbun1 says:

    That’s quite a tie – I’m surprised that no one has noticed it before. Hopefully you can continue easily on your breastfeeding journey now!

  4. littlerainbowbug says:

    I have a good friend whose son was tongue tied. Breastfeeding was painful so she kept asking about it and the pediatrician kept saying it wasn’t an issue. Finally at 6 months they had someone who specializes in tongue ties look and sure enough, tongue tie and upper lip tie. Apparently pediatricians are not trained to identify them as a standard practice! I’m so glad you were able to do so early. Hope things are easier on the feeding front from now on!

    1. 6 months!! That’s awful (for both him and his mum). I can’t believe they didn’t even have a look and then refer. A paediatrician must know what they look like. That could have really messed feeding up.

      Glad it’s all sorted out now though (for everyone). It’s a nasty old business. 🙂

  5. My guy had a tongue and lip tie that we got corrected. I remember feeling like a terrible mom, but as you said it was quick and after one night of being off he was back to normal. Now at 10 months you’d never know. I had no idea what any of this was when he was first born and the lactation consultant at the hospital told me about it.

    1. Awww. Bless him. Glad he’s better now.
      You definitely feel awful, especially when they’re over them trying to open their mouth – I did well up a little. I did also start to worry when we had that bad night that it was going to be like it for a while, thankfully it was just that night like you said. X

  6. g2the4thpower says:

    Oh wow yeah that’s really tongue tied! I’m glad he’s doing so well now. Poor little guy!

  7. That is a pretty serious tie! I’m glad you were able to get it taken care of and that T is doing well!

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