Review – Graze Snack Box

I first heard of the Graze boxes a few years ago when a friend got them delivered almost on a daily basis to her office.

Now, although the idea of having a variety of snacks delivered to your door or your office was a brilliant idea; I always thought that it would be expensive or it would go off in a matter of time (by the time they send it from their offices to said location), or it would simply get battered around by Royal Mail.

Also, when looking at the boxes my friend got delivered, they were generally full of (boring) items such as nuts and seeds which were not my cup of tea… little did I know that they were more than that.

So, when I received an offer to get a free box by claiming a voucher from a friend I thought I’d take the opportunity to take advantage of it.


I visited one afternoon and already, I saw that they were more than nuts and seeds. I saw flapjacks, and banana bread and CHOCOLATE!! Plus, I saw that they were the healthy versions. Already I was intrigued.

After registering (which, by the way, is really easy and simple) you’re advised to “rate” items. The system is set out by either a) Dislike/Never send b) Would like to try c) Like d) Love. You also get the option to tick a box to request that a particular item is sent right away or in the next box.

Looking through the available items or recipes I saw a HUGE amount of choice and variety which pleased me greatly as I get bored easily when it comes to snacking or eating which makes setting out my lunches for the month difficult.

Once everything was rated, I can also set the days in which I would like to receive the boxes, you can check 1 day to 5 days. At this stage, you can also choose where they are delivered to.

And that’s it!


My box arrived this week and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the items I had chosen to be “sent asap” had arrived. In my box (ahem) were:-

Oatcakes with an onion chutney dip, a mixed “florentine” which was basically cranberries, dark chic pieces and pumpkin seeds, BBQ pistachio nuts, and Banana bread with a tea bag side (afternoon tea I guess). In addition to this was a useful nutritional information guide relating to each snack as well as a little booklet about graze.

In brief, the box was devoured over a few hours, which surprised me as I genuinely thought that they wouldn’t hold me at all or once I started I wouldn’t stop, but actually, if I was becoming peckish I simply grabbed one of the boxes, munched, became full, and then carried on – it was only until a few hours later that I then got peckish again (and because they were staring at me!). The snacks were also really tasty!

Overall, I was very impressed. Not only is this Graze snack box gig only going to cost me just shy of £15 a month (approx £3 per box once a week), which is pretty reasonable for what you get, but the snacks are actually really tasty and quite healthy. Depending on what shift I work or whether I am working, I will either split the packets down to 1 a day (yeah right!) or if they arrive during a day that I am off, then I will simply have snacking day.

At the moment, I haven’t got any favourites but they will no doubt come over time.


(if you would like to get your own free box enter code: RYYG1RZ around the stage you are choosing your box, etc.)

*I purchased, and now subscribe, to these boxes with my own money. I earned my free box by claiming a voucher which can also be found easily if you google “free graze box”.

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