Weaning: Hints & Tips

We’ve been weaning for 3 months now and I can honestly say it’s been the most frustrating and enjoyable experience of my life.

On one hand, I love the new flavours and textures T gets to experience on almost a daily basis generic for benicar. The look on his face when he’s tried something new and is working out whether he likes it (or doesn’t like it!)  to when T notices that I’ve served him one if his favourites.

On the other hand, it’s been hard work dealing with the mess, the waste, and the general frustration when T can’t quite deal with something but wants it really bad and gets upset when I take it away or it falls on the floor. It’s also hard to watch something you’ve lovingly prepared get thrown or crushed in their chubby hands.


Over the past 3 months I’ve picked up a few hints and tips to make, let’s be real, my life easier:

1) Get an easy wipe mat. This was one of the best things I purchased after losing the 8th piece of pasta to a fluffy carpet. As long as it’s kept clean, it means less wastage (sort of) and your carpet is kept beetroot free! I purchased ours from a local hardware shop who sold it by the metre really cheap. It beats buying a special “weaning mat”.


2) Freeze freeze freeze. For days when you’re not going to be having the same, or when you just need to plump out their meal, it’s really useful to have a few things in the freezer. Things like pastry, eggy bread, and pancakes all freeze well. I also found a lot of fruit freezes quite well which means it lasts longer and all you have to do is get it out the night before for the next day. Our frozen veg drawer is bursting at the seams!

3) Reuse reuse reuse. Similar to the above, I try and cut out a lot of wastage by freezing leftovers (as long as it hasn’t already been frozen), or turning it into something new. Left over weetabix or porridge? Add a bit more weetabix/porridge to the bowl, place on a baking tray, and bake for 10-15 minutes. You now have a mid morning snack!

4) Get a painting overall. There have been several occasions when I didn’t have the time to fit in a clothing change before going out. So to combat the weaning mess I got a painting overall from IKEA for those days or if I stupidly put T in white. It took T a bit of getting used to and it was quite the distraction at first, but now he ignores it and clothes don’t come away raspberry stained!


5) Plan meals. This may sound like a chore, but it’s one of the best things I do every Sunday night (living the dream, people!). I often can’t remember whether I’ve showered so I have no chance remembering what T ate on Tuesday on a Thursday. We purchased a small, magnetic white board for the fridge which we fill in all T’s meals (including snacks) for the week. This way, I know when he’s had banana and that I can’t give it to him again for at least 2 days… unless I want a clogged baby!

What are your hints and tips for (happier) weaning?


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