The Person Behind the Parent {Natalie: Plutonium Sox}

Another month, another wonderful blogger to chat to about the person they are behind the parent.

Last month Sarah from Toby Goes Bananas told us about the person they are behind the parent, and this month we chat to Natalie from Plutonium Sox .

Please introduce yourself… 
I’m Natalie and I write Plutonium Sox blog – I know, I know, totally weird name but it’s just named after my dogs.
Where can we find you?
You find me on the Blog, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, on YouTube, and in Worcestershire, running around after my children.

I’ll start with some easy ones… 

What’s your favourite food?
What’s your favourite film?
Ummm, I’m rubbish with films. Used to love the Green Mile but haven’t watched it in years so I can’t love it that much.
What’s your favourite book?
That’s much easier! Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
Do you have any hobbies? 
Ha, predictably – running. Also swimming, I’m doing a half ironman this year and last year I did an ultra-marathon with my dog. I play lots of musical instruments but rarely have time to pick them up these days.
Tell us one guilty pleasure.
Chocolate. All the chocolate. And red wine. Pinotage or Rioja in case you were wondering.
Tell us something quirky about yourself.
We went to New Zealand on our honeymoon to watch the Rugby World Cup. Within a day of arriving, my husband had gone to North Island to watch Wales and I’d gone to the far south of South Island to watch England. Surprisingly we’re still married.
Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I once got a boat to the Isle of Wight and swam back. WHAT?!
One word to describe yourself would be…

Now some harder ones…

Children aside, what has been your proudest moment? 
Finishing my ultramarathon – it was 50 miles around the Gower coast. The conditions were awful and the furthest I’d ever run before was the London marathon in 2003. I only did 20 miles in training for the ultra. But I made it.
Children aside, what has been your biggest achievement?
Getting through the last couple of years.
If you could meet one person (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you say? 
Ranulph Fiennes. I’d love to chat to him about how he trains and finds the motivation to do some of his amazing challenges. I’d like to chat to him about the Ultramarathon des Sables and find out if it was tougher than climbing Everest and whether I’d be stupid to dream of attempting it one day.
If you weren’t where you are now, where would you be? What would you be doing?
Oh if I could persuade my husband I’d be travelling the world in a camper van or maybe on a boat. Forever. Right now I’d probably be in New Zealand catching up with friends and family there.
If you could be one person for the day who would it be?
I’d be my husband on the day he had a motorbike accident and I’d take the car to work.
If you could travel to one place in the whole world where would you go? 
At the moment I think Norway is top of my bucket list.
If you could learn one thing, what would it be?
How to stop telling people what I think of them when I’m drunk.
If you could tell yourself one thing, what would it be?
Watch more films, you keep having to give really lame answers to the most basic of interview questions.
Where is your happy place?
Abel Tasman in New Zealand
What is your life metaphor or mantra?
Get a grip.

Thanks for joining in, Natalie. Don’t forget you can find Natalie on her Blog, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, and on YouTube.


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